Friday, August 1, 2014

Pet Peeves & Fantasies

The only thing I hate more than hubby not washing any dishes?

Him putting the top 2-3 dishes away from the drainboard, and washing another 2-3 from the PILES AND PILES in the sink, and trying to pretend that he washed a whole new batch of pots and pans...


I have the worst over-active imagination.

So I heard on the radio the other day about the NYC Summer Streets tour, and was all - YES! I want to go and enjoy one of those Saturdays!

And then Muffin, my BFF who lives in the Upper West (Siyeeeeede!) text me that she was not working this weekend! SQUEE! And was I free to hang out??

EVEN MORE PERFECT! I thought - with E away on a canoe trip, Ben and I could head into the city ready to rule the Streets!
(But then Muffin wasn't free, oops - she got the weekends confused... sad panda...)

And THEN - on the car ride home from work, I concocted how our weekend would have gone, ending up with Hugh Jackman bear-hugging me for saving his child.

And here's how that went down:
We're at the Summer Streets tour, having a blast - visiting the PAWS and Play Dog Park and
getting our putt on the mini-golf experience designed by Risa Puno.

We finally make it to the SoHo rest stop where the REI Climbing Wall is stationed.

Only to be approached by a little lost child!

"ZOMG! poor thing, here stay with us, play with my cute child while we contact authorities..."

The boys (the lost child is a boy!) hang out, all cute - holding onto each one of my hands.

When, rushing up comes - HUGH JACKMAN! it's his child!  ((I dont even know how old his kids are really, probably in their teens. lol))

And how GRATEFUL he is! that someone as nice as us found his child! and ZOMG he can't thank us enough!
Hola1 Hola2


oh you, Over-active Imagination - You're a blessing, and a curse...

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