Thursday, August 28, 2014

CarRide Chronicles - The Stank

So I was at the pediatrician's office (see recent coxsackie/ear infection drama).  Ben had been de-diapered, weighed by the nurse, quickly RE-diapered, and deemed ready to see the doctor.
(At that point,  it was the waiting game - how long can you keep a toddler entertained for with medical equipment??)

We're playing with those wooden popsicle sticks they gag you with, when I fart...

And holy something-died:
It really stank... =\

And then, of course, seconds later the doctor entered the room.

CHEESUS that's bad - I wonder if she can smell it?!
About 30 seconds later, while the doctor was checking a screaming Ben's ears, she asked him in the baby voice, "did you do a poopy? or just poot?  Cuz boy that stinks!"

I grasped for it like a life-saver:

"Oh yea, I just changed a poopy diaper... it's rank huh?!"


  1. BAHHHHHHHAHAHAHA OMG this is the best. I like to say Nolan is like a puppy in many ways. I also blame farts on him too LOL

  2. Just the laugh that I needed today! HILARIOUS!

  3. Bahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha

    deep breath


    Oh, I needed that today. :)