Thursday, August 14, 2014

Different this time, I Promise!

This time being - a new series! (I know, I know - the TourTuesdays didn't get done last night, but E has a hockey game Friday night so I'm ALL OVER THOSE!)

No, these will be short and sweet blurbs amidst the regular posting.


And the first happened a few weeks ago, when I realized the core difference between men and women:
E and I were talking about a local Panera Bread (zomg the yumminess...) and it's exact location, as I couldn't place where he was talking about.

"It's right next to the
 you know, behind the A.C.Moore?"

And then I finally remembered - 
"Oh yea, that Panera! 
Right behind 


Oh the difference between men and women...

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  1. HAHAHAHA!!! Sounds like me and my husband in the car. "It's right by the Home Depot" versus "I think it's by that cake place."