Monday, August 4, 2014

Oh to be Young and Hip...

So - we recently went on this EPIC work-event for E's company.

And when I say Epic, I mean Epic.

We partied on a YACHT similar to this one that I was actually able to find pictures of! We cruised around NYC Harbor for 5 hours!!

 (And it was at night! So we got some pretty awesome lit-up skyline views!)
imagine this:

We arrived a little early (we were one of the first 3 couples there!) and headed up to the top deck, where the bartender was stationed, ready to dispense any libation one could want!
 See bar in bottom right
The night we went cruising, the jetski on the left had been removed, and the deck was set up with ambient mood-lighting and glowing electric candles, similar to this:
There was a big food spread in the "formal dining room" (!) 
Sushi, salmon, some kind of fried rolls with brie cheese and raspberries inside ("Heaven" as E called it...)

Dude - we pimped out with champagne here, like ballahz!!!
 (kinda like this:)

Around the time we started to head back to the marina, they laid out a spread of fresh fruit and cookies up here:

There were probably about 30 people - coworkers of E and their spouses, as well as a few family members of the company owner.

Apparently he just wanted to take "his crew" out for a night, show them how much he appreciates their work!

All of a sudden, the bonus I got for the lawsuit work seems pretty dingy... lol

But the whole evening was pretty posh, as I got to wear my backless maxi-dress that I've had since February!

And as a few of the other girls there appeared to be in their early/mid twenties, I felt all hip and fashionable when one of them goes, "OMG I have the same dress! LUV IT!"


  1. SO JEALOUS of your yacht night! I want to go on one so badly. Was it everything you dreamed it could be? Wait, don't answer...

    CUTE DRESS! Perfect for yachting. Yes, yachting. A verb meaning "To Yacht"

  2. I think I just drooled all over my computer. So jealous. It looks like it was amazing! I've never been on a yacht before, but now I just want to own one and live on it.