Wednesday, August 20, 2014

CarRide Chronicles

I was jamming along to Mirrors by JT (aka the BoyBand king) the other day.

I waited to make the left turn en route to daycare drop off, when I was waved through by some random hunky guy in a sedan, probably in his later 30's.

And then I realized that if I'd passed the same guy, same age but 10 years ago, younger-me would have thought that he's TOO OLD.

Attractive, but too old. (like, silver fox old.)

Then I remembered being young and having crushes on older celebrities (Cher's adorable older brother! the creepy but still-so-sexy stalker! the heroic astronaut!)and thinking, no way in real life (real life?! seriously lol) would he want someone as young as me!

Of course, a few years' difference in your teens makes a MUCH bigger difference than in your twenties, even LESS in your thirties... and by your forties - what age gap?!

Anyways - then the song changed and I started serenading Ben with "Oooooh Oh OOOOOh! You don't know you're beau-ti-fuuuuul!"

And I realized that One Direction is my Nsync - older women were like, aw they're cute! but too young!

And now I'm one of those women going, "Harry Styles? He's cute, just a leeeeee-ttle too YOUNG though!"

**10 minutes later (of avoiding-work at work...)
It's even worse.

Pierce Brosnan has a son. (as do a number of other actors - well duh K, lots of people have sons - I mean, actors that are delish and so are their sons... their OLD-to-young-K sons...)


While I have slight issues (as he of Mrs. Doubtfire fame used to be a SilverFox Crush!) I will gladly switch my admirations to his son!


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  1. Oh Pierce from Mrs. Doubtfire. Damn Sally Field was a lucky woman. I need to watch that movie in honor of RW. "Off your mercedes!" LOL