Thursday, July 31, 2014

Down to Semantics...

Oh the difference it makes...

The first thing that comes to mind when I read/hear/see the term WCM is TTC-lingo:
"Watery Cervical Mucous"
(you're welcome - I hate the word mucous too!! And WHAT is the right way to spell it?!  It looks funny the way it is, but blogger seems to recognize it as a correctly spelled word!!)

So imagine the confusion, when I'm asked what it stands for and I give the above answer.

And then briefly see daycare being referred to (*which should never ever ever ever be even in the same thought-bubble as the TTC-lingo "WCM" !!!):

"Today was the second day we sent food in to daycare...  
I feel so guilty.  If I wasn't working, she wouldn't even be at daycare.  If I wasn't pushing breastmilk so much, she could just have their WCM."

I quickly backpedaled and corrected myself to the friend who asked what WCM means...

This time?

It means "Whole Cow's Milk"

And because I suck at keeping the days of the week straight with any "series" I've attempted, here's your (late) Wardrobe Wednesday!

navy skater dress - boardwalk sale in Seaside.  Maybe $8 ?
gray cardigan - thrift store. Est. $8
white skinny belt - who the hell knows.  
ToriBurch shoes - squeeeeeee! Gift from BFF


  1. WCM - I thought about the TTC phrase as well! Once you get caught up in all those terms, it is so hard to change the way you see those abbreviations. Cute outfit, love the color combos!