Friday, July 25, 2014

The Post where I tell you to Wait!

Wait - that is, for the epic Happy 1st Birthday Ben post... 

I know, I know - I told you last time you had to wait too...

There's just so many pictures, so much fun - so many details attended to by yours truly!  Things like Twelve@twelve that need my full attention, not me sitting at work (supposedly working!) and trying to smash together 12 things about my big boy...

For now, to whet your appetite:

Also -

darling, sweet, dear husband - I truly love you (most of the time!)

But my curiosity is demanding to know - how the F*%& did you live alone for the years before we moved in together?!

Because here's how a typical Mommy-getting-Ben-ready morning goes:
  • Wake up Ben, change Ben (usually just his diaper - he chills in PJ's for breakfast)
  • Feed Ben
  • Supervise Ben self-entertaining on the bathroom floor ("DON'T TOUCH THAT TOILET SEAT!") while I get made up
  • Get Ben dressed, pack anything he needs (for daycare its nothing, but for MIL's its EVERYTHING)

And here's how a typical Daddy-getting-Ben-ready morning goes:
  • Wake up Ben, change Ben (ask me where the new diapers are - where you left them when you got home buying them last night!)
  • Feed Ben (ask where the clean spoons are - ummmm dishwasher??)
  • Ask where the clean sippy cups are (*Sigh..... dishwasher, dear...)
  • Play with Ben in the living room
  • Ask where Ben's vitamins are for MIL's (cabinet where they always are)
  • Get Ben dressed (ask what clothes Ben should wear)
  • Ask where Ben's sneakers are (you mean the ones that got left at daycare yesterday when you picked him up and somehow didn't realize he was barefoot? Those sneakers??)
  • HEAD OUT (ask where his car keys are! WHERE EVER YOU LEFT THEM, darling...

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  1. Husbands... I mean, what the heck? It is the same thing in our house too!