Monday, July 7, 2014

Mucus Plugs and Husbands

so if you're not the one pregnant, don't ever mention a mucus plug to your husband.  (You know, even if you are the expectant mommy, he may not want to know the details of it falling out...)

My friend Dee is about to give birth!! (Some of you may be thinking, wait - didn't she JUST get married last fall? I mean, what was that - exactly 9 months ago?! Oh those lucky bitches that are all, "I can't wait to get pregnant on my honeymoon!")

Well - yes, she did get pregnant basically on her honeymoon.  But here's why it's all good:

Six years ago, she was diagnosed with breast cancer. 

At 25 years old.

And then tested positive for the BRCA gene (which confers high risks of breast and ovarian cancer) and was basically informed that, while it was currently only present in one breast, she had a very high chance of recurrence in the second breast.

So she had a double mastectomy.  Followed by months in pain as expanders prepared her muscles/tissue for reconstruction. 

Her hair fell out from the chemotherapy.  (I was so proud of her when she first went out sans wig, even if it was just to the liquor store across the street from my apartment on that hot sweaty August day.)

She bears long scars on her chest, which impacted her wedding dress shopping - certain strapless styles revealed too much of the jagged scar.

But there she was last September - absolutely breathtaking in her long mermaid gown - and grinning from more than just wedding-day-giddiness. 
She had just hit 5 years' remission, and was cleared to TTC!

The type of breast cancer she had prevented her from ever using any type of hormonal birth control again, so she and her brand new DH had been TTA the good old-fashioned way (no not abstinence! They'd been together for over 10 years! lol)

So they pulled the goalie.  And we drank together at our favorite Malaysian restaurant when Cycle 1 ended in a bust.

And then she came to my house towards the end of Cycle 2 with a grin on her face, that dead gave it away when she turned down a glass of wine.

I felt like I was pregnant all over again as I ticked the weeks off the calendar with her (she was only 6 weeks when she shared the news) and celebrated a good NT scan.  We cheered to our boys growing up together after her A/S scan.

Last week her EDD passed. 

Well finally today - her mucus plug passed as well!

So back to what I was saying, your husband most likely does not want to hear about ANYONE'S mucus plug, even if it's yours....

Me: D's (tmi alert?) mucus plug fell out
lmao felt funny typing that - but she's starting to cramp - sounds like labor's begun!
E wtf
 just say she's goin into labor
Me:  hahahahahahahah sorry
E i dont care what her fuckin mucus plug does
Me well it could be a looong time (like, 24 hours)
how's ur mom's anal sphyncter


  1. First of all, congrats to your friend! What a long road to be on. So glad to hear she is in remission. And I laughed my ass off at this. I don't know what guys are so grossed out by it (they talk about poop all the time), but yeah... I guess its just too much for them!

  2. Yeah, boys are a strange breed. They're all guts and gore but when you come to something as natural as can be they freak out!