Tuesday, December 10, 2013

Back and Back - Going a little sdawrdkcaB!

(That's Backwards... cheeky huh?)

Because I'm pretty sure I introduced my friend Dee to you all - we attempted, and then went bridal gown shopping for her last summer, and prepared for leaving Ben with IL's overnight for the first time during her wedding...

Well then she got married! (Ahem - almost three months ago.. WHAT?! I've been busy...)
pic name pic name

(And I mooched off of her professional photographer's posing for the day...)
pic name pic name

And we left baby overnight for the first time...
(ha - no picture here, but picture me nervously handing off baby and bottles and praying MIL doesn't decide to feed him whatever she decides is best, as opposed to what his mother requests!)

And after pampering, primping, and pumping, mommy got drunk for the first time in a year...

Some of the last shots of the night...

(And in case I didn't mention this before :

I woke up the next morning at the hotel at 7am HUGELY engorged, pumped 7-8 oz that, upon testing, were highly alcoholic and had to be dumped, boooooo....

We slept in a little longer, disposed of our hangovers at breakfast with greasy bacon and coffee, and headed home to relieve the babysitters - namely MIL.

Aaaaaand we walked into the house to Ben having his second bottle in just over 2 hours, after which, when MIL tried to burp him - he violently choked and threw up all over.  AWESOME.)

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  1. Beautiful pictures of the wedding! I love the dress! Plus you and E look fantastic too.

    BTW - I HATE throwing out milk, but at least it was for a good cause :)