Thursday, December 12, 2013

Just a Dried Up Cow...

Yea... Dried up cow, that's me...
We're down to pumping twice a day, and this morning I only got 2oz...
(By the way - I tried finding pictures of "dried up" cows and when google wasn't producing, tried "skinny" cow - DUH forgot about that little brand with this little vixen - and she IS skinny and most likely not producing milk, so we're going with it!)
So Thanksgiving (yes, thanksgiving - I'm catching up and maybe by NewYears' will be current...)

Thanksgiving was great - at E's aunt's house where Ben enjoyed some apple puree:

He rocked his adorable turkey hat that SIL got him from Etsy:

Hung out with family (in between courses of stuffing our faces) like his Uncle C

and played with his Aunt K:

And stayed entertained by his Baby Einstein take-along-music-or-whatever-its-called (i.e. KeepsBabyQuietToy)

(Can you tell the holidays now revolve around baby?)

Had my company holiday party last night, which was just what I needed after a large audit at work that require I be in the office hours earlier than normal.  (But long work day + party = ugly black eye shadows this morning...)

we have been caught up in a whirlwind of time, and it's marching on - we have a big cousin dinner this Saturday (during which E's adopted 16 & 17 year old sisters will be babysitting solo for the first time!)

Another holiday party next Wednesday, training sessions at work every other day, car shopping somewhere in there (2-door coupe does not work well with 1 - a carseat, and 2 - the snow.... Remember the stupid snowy driveway?!) for a 4WD or AWD vehicle, as well as nanny-shopping! (I will be officially back in the office 5 days a week any minute - I'm holding out as long as possible! but one of my babysitters has passed her boards - for cytology, whatever the hell that is... and will be leaving us any day, boooooo!)

And there's some big holiday breathing down our necks as well... 

Speaking of - we received a mystery package the other day... from some company I'd never heard of, and upon opening it I discovered we were sent... a block of 5-year cheddar cheese.

That's it. 

No crackers, no sausage, just cheese... with no packing slip or who it was from...

Just a "Merry Christmas, we love you!"

umm.... love you too?!? 

and just cheese?!?!?!

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