Sunday, December 8, 2013

A little behind...

And no, I'm not saying my "behind" is little.. (quite the opposite actually...)

How about - I'm just now getting 4-month pictures and such posted, and he'll be FIVE months in just 9 days...
pic name pic name pic name

at Four Months, likes to sit in his bumbo and watch the doggies:

When pulling himself to sitting with Mommy or Daddy's thumbs, he began pulling all the way up to standing!

Loves Sofie! We received her as a Secret Santa gift and Ben lights up into smiles whenever he sees her!

At his four month doctor's appointment, he measured in the 75th percentile for length - we knew he was a tall boy!  He also rolled over on the table - his first time since he was two weeks old!

 Likes to visit Daddy at work:

Loves reading Curious George with Daddy...
Loves to laugh and babble when he first wakes up in the morning - Mommy likes to listen through the monitor from bed =)
 Loves baths with Mommy (and maybe that's better said "getting baths from mommy" - we don't bathe together... tub's not deep enough! lol)

I'm pretty sure 5 months holds for us Teething!

 Drool, finger-chewing and Tylenol, OH MY!

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