Sunday, December 8, 2013

Nursing Pads: Still Needed!

True story - I woke up two mornings ago... I had decided the night before that I was not really getting engorged at all anymore (pumping sessions are slowly decreasing... and by slowly I mean - I went to three one day and basically two the next - and still am not getting but 3-4oz per pump.. boooooo)

So - wasn't getting engorged and thought I'd sleep sans bra or nursing pads (itty bitty t*tty club equals never needing to sleep in basically WEAR a bra... of course, pre-pregnancy and pre-nursing/pumping days...)

Aaaaaaaand woke up the next morning to a SOAKED T-shirt (like, all the way around to my back from sleeping on my side...) and soaked sheets.... yeesh!

Two weeks ago we visited my brother, wife and new baby in Seattle...

Ben was AMAZE-BALLS on the flights (6 hours!)

(The flight back was VERRRRY interesting, complete with two screaming toddler girls in the row in front of us, and an 8-year old boy who threw tantrums the entire flight and whose mother was very entertaining as she tried to control  dsicipline bribe him...

Cherry on top was him* (the boy, not Ben) throwing up into a ziploc bag upon landing, and when I tried to hand mom some baby wipes to clean up with, she turned to me and said,

"No, my son has to UR-IN-ATE!"


Anyways - so Seattle:

We met my new niece!

We went to Pike's Market and saw the Gum Wall in Post Alley!
Not only did we SEE the gum wall, but prior to - we all lined up
in front of an old-fashioned gum-machine and chewed and prepared different 
colors to contribute once we got to the Wall!

Yummy name-sake cupcake:

We toured (and drank!) at the Red Hook Brewery:
 (Ben wasn't impressed...)

We wore those babies out in the four days we were there:
pic name pic name pic name

Back in the airport ready to fly home:
"Mom are we ready to board yet?"

And being goofy on the flight home:

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