Monday, July 21, 2014

The Good, Bad and downright UGLY...

We'll save the good for the end - because after this crappy Monday morning, it'll look all that better, and will get me through the rest of the day/week!

**Well, we'll bookend with good:

First - awesome weekend - BEN'S FIRST BIRTHDAY PARTY!!
It was epic.

Will hopefully get through pics tonight! (For now, some scrapbook-editing my SIL did:

 First, on his actual birthday (Thursday) I had IL's over for cake, coffee and gifts (since, with 50+ people coming Saturday! we wouldn't be opening gifts in front of everyone.)

He got such fun stuff!

a drum set, a guitar, a power-wheels Spiderman quad!

(The hat was from daycare - he wore it the entire day, the car ride home, and all night...)

And just a party-teaser:

We spent all day yesterday recuperating, and this morning I could have slept another 4 hours...

Monday morning continued FABULOUSLY:

1. I went to head to DD to pick up breakfast (and only food - I pay my receptionist weekly to pick me up DD coffee every morning with the order she places for multiple co-workers) I discovered I left my wallet at home.
so no breakfast.

2. I get to work, walk in and see a replacement receptionist.  (reminder - see above re: coffee!)
so now I have no coffee, no breakfast, and no wallet to go hit up DD!
cherries on top - the receptionist is asking me if [program A] on the computer - have I noticed any downtime this morning?
uuuuh I JUST walked in, haven't even gotten to my office or a computer... Derrrrrr

3. When I do get upstairs, I realize I left some notes at home that E wanted me to type up and send to a patent guy for some brilliant invention we have going. (more on that once patent is pending!!)

4.  And then I noticed someone stole my stapler.

I hate Mondays.

But- but but - the Good amongst the Bad (no breakfast) and Ugly (NO COFFEE!) :

E's new company (he switched jobs back in April) is having a party on July 31st to celebrate their success.
A party on a PRIVATE YACHT.

in NYC Harbor.

WOOHOO!!! A chance to get all dressed up and wear sparkly heels and a fancy dress!

(Another more every-day silver-lining: we have a new free-lance marketer who looks like this:)

(with black hair (he's from South America))

but DAMN can the man wear a suit...

So he comes in a few times a week, and it's usually unannounced - he'll just breeze into the office...

So I've started wearing lipstick.


  1. I'm so jealous of your yacht party!! I've never been on one and they look so fun. You'll have to rub in how awesome it was after you've gone on it :)

  2. Happy belated birthday to your little boy! It looks like it was a blast!