Friday, September 28, 2012

Two years and Google...

First off, let's just TGIF.

So I went a little crazy last night at the store and now my house looks like Michaels crossed with RagShop on the first day of fall with Halloween, Fall and Thanksgiving wreaths, window decals, decorative towels, and votives covering every surface.

Got the season's first half gallon of apple cider in the fridge - ready for rum on the next CD1 if need be!

And holy bajeesus - our second wedding anniversary is in 4 days... I can't believe how fast the time flew.  I'm not sure WHERE I thought I would be 2 years from my wedding day, but here definitely didn't even register...

Between bouts of "WHY ME and why not HER" fits and wondering what the heck is wrong with the stupid OPK's that won't turn positive even though I'm noticing what I THINK is a softening cervix high up - btw, probably not smart to EVER google that at a computer that is not 100% for private use... next time you use it, google may or may not try to predict what you're typing when you're wanting to look for a CERTIFICATE...

ANYWAYS - E and I are going to dinner at Melting Pot tomorrow night to celebrate Dos Anos.  The groupon we're redeeming is for 2 glasses of house wine as well, and I reminded him that he thought I shouldn't be drinking A DROP during FW when he sheepishly says, well - I'm sure one glass will be ok... *I know, it's because he thinks I'm more wild when wined up and we ARE in the EOD point - gotta keep things hot! (Note to self - immediately start rereading 50 Shades!

Other than that - busy weekend starts today at 5:15 when we take E's adopted sisters ice skating and it continues tomorrow moring with a WAY overdue hair appointment (to fix the bad cut job I got in Texas, while pregnant and thinking SURE I'm ready for a "MOM" haircut! - I regret it every day) and a nice blowout for tomorrow night's dinner date...

Also, my friend Dee is finally ready for wedding dress shopping after the last fiasco attempt so we shall proceed to Macy's in a trail of champagne bubbles, lacy veils and crumpled tissues tomorrow afternoon!


  1. Whenever I'm searching TTC stuff online at work I just use acronyms. How can I tell if my CP is SHOW? No one knows that doesn't understand why you're looking it up in the first place.

    Have fun skating this weekend! Have fun with the hair cut, take before/after pictures :)

  2. My husband and I just celebrated our 2nd anniversary...well, it's been an extended celebration. I can totally relate to not being exactly where you thought you would be at this point...2 losses later, and I have no idean how to plan for anything.
    Hope you have a fun weekend.