Wednesday, September 19, 2012

PWHC and Groupon

so two random things -

1. good silver sparkly lining about the loss : making friends with other PWHC members.
That's Pregnant Women Haters Club. Members by Invitation Only.
Where we bash (only fat and SMUG) pregnant women.  And when I say fat, I mean - gained 30-40lbs and is only 26weeks. and by SMUG, I mean that they try to tell you how to conceive.
like, when you have a glass of white wine at a baby shower (HELLO, it's needed then!) and you hear that "maybe you should try not drinking at all while TTC," from the lady who got WASTED at her 30th birthday party 1 week before finding out she was pregnant.
Yes, probably sounds heartless and cruel, but it's only done when well-deserved, and it's one right that I get after a loss.

Second random thing - E took me to the Melting Pot a few years ago for my birthday, and while we LOVED it, we decided it was a little pricey for frequent visits.  But now with this wonderful thing called Groupon, we get our three-course pre-fix dinner, AND wine - for like, 50% off.  Lovely anniversary dinner in two weeks!


  1. PWHC MEMBERS UNITE! No advice should be given on whether or not to drink during TTC especially if they know about your loss. You only come across as SMUG and BITCHY! BOOO!

  2. I'd like to throatpunch these fat, smug women you speak of!

    1. group throat punches are handed out at quarterly meetings =) let's get 'em all ready and lined up!