Wednesday, September 12, 2012

Pipe Dreams

so I know I spout good bullshit about being patient, and live your life while TTC... But there's a fine line between not obsessing, and completely throwing it all to the wind...

Like, when you go camping for the weekend, and seriously slack on OPK'ing - and by slack I mean that I brought them - one per day - and didn't use a single one over a 2 night stay. FAIL.

And like, when you go camping for the weekend, and only somewhat slack on temping - and by slack I mean, how accurate CAN a temp be when you're sleeping outside in a tent? and probably woke up at the ass-crack of dawn when heard a couple at the next camp site GETTING IT ON? and then somehow your tent SWALLOWED UP your BBT - whole.  it was completely missing the second night - so no temp the next morning at all!

so of COURSE - the OPK Sunday night when you return to civilization is the darkest so far, but seems to be fading when Monday morning's OPK is still lighter.  and your temp does a nice little rise, not enough to warrant CH's from FF - they're very stingy with those things - but enough for you to side-eye your chart and think, SERIOUSLY?!?!?!

interpreter needed at aisle CRAZY!

OH PLEASE let me be THAT girl with a wonky ass chart, no idea if O even happened, and a BFP at the end...

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  1. You and me both... Why is O'ing such a hidden trait that we have! I know there are signs but I swear I'm looking for them every day and it all just seems the same.