Monday, September 24, 2012

when good intentions go bad...

Weekends for E and I get so crazy, we're relieved when Monday morning rolls around, and this weekend was no exception.

I worked late Friday, only to rush over to the local ice ring for open skate with E - a little last minute date night.  Dinner and beer at our local hole-in-the-wall/college-spot sports bar followed, which ended in us passing out at a ripe 11pm on the couch.

Saturday I had to work - FUN! - because this stupid lawsuit still isn't over... *Hint Hint -  hey boss, I'm gonna need another bonus!!

We went to dinner at E's cousins' house later that night, the ones who had Baby G in April.  We had tried to set a dinner date with them a few times, but each week night we mentioned them coming up (new house, new doggie to see - I have new things in my life too, just no baby yet!) they said they couldn't leave their house because they're working on some stupidly named sleep method for Baby G, some self-soothing crap from Meet the Fockers or whatever.
So she text me earlier in the day, last minute, to see if we were free that night.  And then we had to rush over, minutes after I walked in the door from work because, "If [we] wanted to see Baby G, [we] better get there by 6 because he needs to be put down at 7."
Oh excuse me, I was kind of going to see you.  I mean, it's a baby - he can't hold a conversation yet about which fall show he's most excited about, or how awful our friends' upcoming wedding colors are. 
And I get it, after you have a baby, your life is now dominated and run by your offspring.  But all I ask of you, is TRY to focus on your GUESTS when you have them over!!!!!
1 - when baby needed diaper change, mom and dad both disappeared to their bedroom (to change him on the bed?) and SHUT THE DOOR in our face. 
2 - the guys took dogs for a walk, and E's cousin wanted to feed Baby G one last time (bottle) and put him to bed.  So she shut herself in the nursey, and left me sitting in the living room.  By myself.  For 20 minutes.  When the guys got back, E asked why I was just sitting there on my cell phone (like, how RUDE! you're a guest at someone's house!)  when I shot back, gee I've been stiting here alone for 20 minutes, should I have found some copy of Good Parenting to occupy my child-less time?

so I drank all of their white wine.  That'll show 'em.


  1. I would have taken an extra bottle of wine from them too for good measure. You know how new parents just CAN'T drink anymore so they won't even miss it.

  2. Just found your blog through More Salt!! I am so sorry you had to deal with that rudeness!! I'm excited to start following your blog and keep up with your journey! Wishing you all the best!

    1. Welcome, and you've officially got a new follower as well!