Friday, September 7, 2012

Checks & Balances...

Sometimes it all just evens out...

This morning I think I woke up on the wrong side of the bed... I got mad when E threw the ball for Rocco and Rocco landed on me.  While I was still asleep.     -1

I got annoyed because the red neck lady in front of me at Dunkin Donuts took forever with her artery-clogging order of coolatas, coffee lite and sweet, and donuts.      -1

I got annoyed at 3 slow-ass drivers that didn't use turn signals, which caused me to wait for them when I didn't have to, which caused me to miss like, 3 lights in a row.     -1

I got annoyed at the receptionist because I walked in and got assaulted with "printers arent working, and the administrator won't be in today?" (think Ron Burgundy) I said, are you ASKING me or are you telling me??   -1

I got annoyed that I forgot that I left the AC in my office off, so I had to sweat this morning for a little while it kicked in...        -1

As I'm sitting here in my cream sleeveless sweater (new-old thrift store find - I can't wait for fall and tweeds!) and the air finally turns on high, a co-worker came in and gave me a greek yogurt+pomegranate fruit combo that I had commented on yesterday.  She said, "I brought this in for you to try!"     +2

And then, as I was walking to the kitchen to wash my spoon to enjoy said yogurt, a coworker did the up-and-down-eyeball and said, damn you look cute! Where'd you get those shoes??        +4

And tonight's dinner and drinks at one of my favorite Thai restaurants with one of my favorite people (definitely top 3!) Dee!    +2

So you see, sometimes its all in the checks and balances - and sometimes you just gotta wait it out...

(ok one more -1 : check this chart out)
WTF i know right? *sigh*

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  1. Your chart is CRAZY. I don't get it. Hopefully that just means you haven't missed your O! FX lady!