Tuesday, September 25, 2012

Back to the Buggy...

...List that is.

Yea, with hot yoga on hold for now with World War III raging, I'll have to settle for briskly walking the dogs in the afternoon...

But E should be happy with my next BuggyList item - it sits me squarely in front of a computer (as if I don't get enough at work!)

I've got a Groupon for digital photography courses online!  F-stops, Iso-speeds and shutters - oh MY!

I ordered all kinds of accessories for my camera on my recent Groupon/Amazon photo splurge -
1. a snazzy new camera strap (that should be arriving today!!)

2. three different flash diffusers
3. Kit with three different UV lenses, tulip lens hood, new lens cap + cap leash, and case

And for $2.49, I couldn't neglect my N.ook...

Next stop is ordering another canvas print (Groupon, again) of current photos - I tried last night, but I just got distracted and spent 2 hours just looking at old honeymoon/wedding pictures...

And another BuggyList item (that is appropriate for FW and the 2WW, according my DH, the new pro) will be revamping my photography website, Moments Captured!

and on CD12 speaking of FW - although post-mc the elusive O tends to hover around CD21, last month was early - CD16.  Gearing up for BD time and goodLord, here's hoping O happens "early" again - I'm not sure I can keep up, even EOD, for ten straight days!

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  1. Welcome to the Sex Olympics. It's the worst 7-10 days ever... I hope you O early!!! Keep up the BD'ing and get 50 shades of inspiration ;)