Thursday, September 27, 2012


With a big belly here
and a big belly there
Here a belly - There a belly - EVERYWHERE A FRICKING BELLY

You can guess how dinner went last night.

Four beers, bland pasta and ugly maternity shoes. 

Ok so the last one I kind of enjoyed...

We're all going to a FORMAL wedding together in a few weeks, and she wanted to try to do the fashion bonding thing, going over what each of us was wearing.  She showed me this boring maternity dress, and made sure to tell me it was maternity (duh) and where it was from - cuz you know, we have so much in common when it comes to maternity clothes.  (did you see what I did there with the sarcasm??)

And then complained to me that her feet grew 1.5 sizes and that she had to buy new shoes.

Enter the Ugly Maternity Shoes:
She says to me, well you know - I know I'm not gonna be sexy ANYWAYS (you're right on that mark!) so whatever...

Guess who IS gonna look HAWT.

the same girl who's gonna (finally) start her online photography class tonight! I'm all ready with my new camera strap, lenses, and flash diffusers!

As I typed that, I realized I'm probably lying - Grey's Anatomy season premiere tonight.  Not sure I'll be doing anything but staying glued to the screen... 

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  1. ... or maybe you're shopping? Haha I love the Old McDonald intro to today's blog.

    And obvi you're going to be the hottest one at the wedding (with the exception of the bride because... well - it's her day and you're not allowed to say that!)