Friday, October 23, 2015

That's a Wreading Wrap, Folks!

or - Hell Froze Over because I actually FINISHED A SERIES!!!!  ((As I finish writing this post on Friday... oops. I should know to start writing a Wednesday series post on MONDAY...))

I guess some of the series I started don't technically ever end and can still be considered a success (Foodie Friday? Makin' Things Monday? - good grief when did I last post in either of those?!)
Maybe during my pre-baby maternity leave I'll work some more on Tour Tuesdays...

No, you guys - as of October 1st, I have read a book for all 50 categories in the 2015 Reading Challenge! 

Here's a reminder of the challenge, which I started in January!
check out the full size list/image here!

And if you want a recap of how it progressed throughout the year, be sure to check out each update:
     January 7, 2015 (Book #1 : category35)
     January 14, 2015 (Book #2 : category16)
     February 4, 2015 (Book #3 : category38)
     February 14, 2015 #1 (Book #4 : category41)
     February 14, 2015 #2 (Books #5, 6, 7 : categories10,3,14)
     June 1, 2015 (Books #8-21 : categories26,13,22,34,24,9,8,37,44,35,5,27,1)
     June 17, 2015 (Books #22-26 : categories49,15,7,11,17)
     July 1, 2015 (Books #27-32 : categories4,40,25,36,23,29)
    August 5, 2015 (Books #33-41 : categories28,46,39,33,43,12,30,31,6)
    August 19, 2015 (Books #42-45 : categories19,45,20,32)
    September 9, 2015 (Books #46-50 : categories42,47,21,48,50)

((HAHAHA - so I'm looking through the lists, wondering - how did I read 50 books but still supposedly have two categories left at the last check in?!
well - it's because I double read (and counted) books for category 22 and category 35, and forgot to account for that during my blogging... LOL so 52 books read, for 50 categories...))

With that note, here is the final entry for the 2015 Reading Challenge!!!!!

A grand total of challenge and non-challenge books read: 76 books total, 52 challenge books! (That's an average of one book every 3.89 days!!)

#67. Crash by David Wright & Sean Platt    N/A Category      (fin 9/14/15)
A unique story (again by the guys that wrote the series Yesterday's Gone) about a guy who survived a car crash that killed his little girl... TWIST ending, which somehow made the book about a topic that E and I were very "all about" last fall, if you remember...  with the surprise ending, a great read! (I will tag it with a TRIGGER WARNING!)

#68. When Mockingbirds Sing by Billy Coffey     N/A Category    (fin 9/15/15)
"What marks the boundary between a miracle of God and the imagination of a child?" (from GoodReads) A little girl, who has moved to a new town, has an "imaginary friend."  Is it God/a Higher Power? Is it just coincidence that old Mr. Smith won the lottery after seeing numbers in a painting the little girl could never have painted herself?? A pretty good read...
#69. Never Never by Colleen Hoover    N/A Category     (fin 9/16)
Two highschool sweethearts, apparently together for years - but woke up one morning and neither can remember ANYTHING... annoying because of the cliff-hanger ending (which, you'll see, I read #2 in the series immediately, but #3 isn't released yet! WAAAAAH!)

#70. Never Never #2 by Colleen Hoover    N/A Category   (fin 9/16)
(see above)

#71. The Graduate by Charles Webb    #2/50: A Classic Romance     (fin 9/19)
So I'd started reading a different (relatively unknown) book for this category, got bored with it - and how "classic" can it be if it's unknown?! So out came this book... I'd seen parts of the movie, and of course the "spin-off/tie-in" movie Rumor Has It (cute movie!) so I was excited to read the book... kind of dryly written, and the ending... I can't believe the author left it like that!! Overall, kind of a bizarre read...

#72. Anna Dressed in Blood by Kendare Blake     N/A Category     (fin 9/20)
A fun ghost-story read about a guy whose a ghost-hunter by legacy... until he faces one that doesn't want to kill him back...

#73. Promise Not to Tell by Jennifer McMahon      N/A Category     (fin 9/29)
Another sci-fi/ghost-story type of book... a woman returns to her childhood home (where her young best friend had been murdered 30 years before) only to have another young girl be murdered in an eerily similar way...

#74. Middlesex by Jeffrey Eugenides     #18/50: A Pulitzer-Prize-winning book     (fin 10/1/15)
(ugh ok so I was a little bit of a cheat - I'd actually read this book a number of years ago, and liked it - except now I couldn't remember a lot of it, so I decided to completely re-read it... it totally still counts though!!)
The main character, a person stuck between sexes, tracks back through his/her roots to ultimately the beginning of his/her story, with grandparents in Turkey/Greece years before he/she was even conceived...the story follows three generations, as the "genetic mutation" travels along the family tree...(I know, really prosey and poetic, right? lol)
(one part I found funny, was the TTC logistics when Hubby wants to conceive a girl and so fills his wife in on the best time to have sex, and "here - you use this thermometer" and a temp-shift would confirm ovulation, etc.  Except - when two characters were "synchronized in their menstrual cycles [and conceived on the same night] - that night was day 14."
yea? both gals were on CD14, and they BOTH ovulated "on time?!"

Anyways, a really good book (one I'm willing to re-read!) and highly recommended...

And because I will never be done reading in life, I've decided to maybe keep a reading series going, just sans Challenge!  Maybe an annual tally of the number of books read...

So to carry on for the rest of 2015:

#75. Hopeless by Colleen Hoover     (fin 10/6)
Obviously was liking this author for awhile... a lightly written story (with a heavier storyline): a highschool girl meets (and develops unprecedented feelings for) a guy who seems to know her from another life... He finally helps her uncover/remember a deep secret she's had repressed and will change her life as she once knew it...

#76. Murder Under Construction by Maddie Cochere     (fin 10/13)
a light read (a free download while at lunch and wanting to read) about a woman who fell on a murder victim, knife still in her chest while dirt-biking at a construction site.  Apparently it's a thing of hers, as this is the third body she's come upon in the last year! What ensues is (supposed to be) a comic who-dunnit... eh not bad, for a free book...

And now I'm currently reading (slowly since I've lost the time to do it at work) the second book Stieg Larsson's Millennium Trilogy, Girl Who Played With Fire.

And that, folks, is the end of the 2015 Reading Challenge - but the beginning of a regular series, What's Been Read!

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