Monday, October 19, 2015

she's ALIVE!

Ok - we're reaching the point where it's been so long since I blogged that there's so much to write about that it becomes daunting and I put it off for another day (or ten...)


On Oct 5th I had my 28week check-up (weight was good, BP was good, all's good!) as well as my 1-hour GTT, and was all psyched because the doc had said four weeks prior that I'd get to schedule BabyGirl's eviction date! (her RCS)

So the 1hr GTT went well (as in I didn't have to fast, but did anyways after failing Button's 1hr GTT 2 years ago... chugged the glucose syrup stuff like a champ... didn't get nauseous, and only had ONE blood draw at the end of hte hour!)

And then I was all pumped (and ready to plead for a RCS earlier than 39w which is Monday 12/21) when the nurse was like, "ok and the scheduler now does scheduling on the phone/computer so she'll be in touch!"

um, ok...

AND THEN I got a voicemail from Scheduler Susan later in the day, saying she'd gotten me down for 7:45am on DECEMBER 23RD (which would be 39w3d...)

and I was all, "NO! NONONONONO!!!" and pouted in my car on the way home (where I listed to the voicemail) that we'd totally be in the hospital through Christmas (Eve and Day) and then put my big girl panties on and realized, Christmas this year is gonna be CRAY CRAY to begin with, what having JUST ARRIVED HOME with a new born... what's the difference if it's in the hospital?
(as I type that, I'm cringing, picturing Christmas morning stuck alone with baby girl in the hospital until family gets there after their cheery cozy PJ-clad Christmas breakfast by the fireplace... WAAAAAAAH!!!!)

And no, they couldn't schedule any earlier (after conversations with Scheduler Susan) because:
1. The hospital, due to insurance reasons, WILL NOT schedule an ERCS before 39weeks
2. 12/21 (exactly 39w1d) none of the surgeons/OBs from my office are scheduled in the OR
3. 12/22 (39w2d) there were no openings between the surgeons/OB and OR...
(It also doesn't help - the OB has my official EDD as 12/28, which makes 12/21 the absolute earliest possible scheduled date at exactly 39w, whereas O date and one of many early measuring U/S made me go with a 12/27 EDD (and not want to budge. lol))

so, unless I go into labor earlier (like I did with Button) we'll be having our BabyGirl on december 23rd! (so, yes - I'm hoping for early labor!!! not only because I don't want to be in the hospital on Christmas, but because I want to give BG just a little more time between her birthday and Christmas! oiy!)

And about the whole 1hr GTT - it was a repeat of Button's pregnancy:  failed the 1hr (blood sugar was 144) and had to take the 3hr GTT a few days later... and it was a bit worse than I remember...
I got nauseous and then hot/cold while out in the waiting room... (BUT - in the 3hours there, I did get 90% of a hat made for BabyGirl! and finished it a few nights later:)
(they called less than 24-hours after I finished the 3hr GTT to say I passed with flying colors... If/when there's a next pregnancy, I'm gonna tell them just to skip the 1hr, save me the time and hassle, just give me the 3hr from the start!)

Button's started to report back from daycare on his own (without us reading his daily sheet and prompting, "Did you make Owls for "O" today?")
Case in point: one night during bedtime routines, he tells me "[Button] got in trouble at pe-school ta-day..."
I asked why and he got to his knees and said, "do dis to Ms. Cohtney" (whatever the being-on-his-knees was... we discovered at a "Back to School Night" that he wouldn't lay down during nap time and Ms. Courtney got mad... lol)

At this same Back-to-School night, another mom from the daycare (totally different class/age group) had brought in a bag full of baby girl clothes! (Her youngest is now 4 months old, and "as she grows out of her clothes, [mom] will keep bringing bags in!"
She didn't know me, but had asked the director if she knew anyone having a girl, and director replied, "yes! [Button's] mom!" and so she bagged up her baby girl's clothes for "[Button's] Mom" and brought them in for me, so sweet!!!
(aw, remembering going through hand-me downs for Button 2.5 years ago as well!!)
(I also recently nested went through Button's old newborn/3M clothes for any usable clothing - found a crap ton of (stained) white onesies! score!)

In other big news, Button's first 2-yr molar errupted sometime in the last few weeks (I've written it, of course, in his baby book... poor Girl may not have the first 14 of her teeth written down, I'm sorry ahead of time!)

Um, also - My 2015 Reading Challenge is DONE AND COMPLETE as of last Friday some previous Friday night (The date I finished my final book is noted in my nerdy spreadsheet, and I'll have a final update for you hopefully this Wednesday!)
(of course I'm still constantly reading - but just totally not at work anymore, as the next big news item is:

We hired the gal who will cover my maternity leave! She's also a permanent addition, and will take over A/R and Collections (today is the start of her third week and I've already noticed a relief of collections duties!!)  But - so the last two weeks solid have been training, and familiarizing her with our systems, etc so no more reading at work (I've just now caught up on blog reading from the last few weeks!)

and with that - yesterday I hit 30 weeks...


Which means that, given a RCS event, there's single digit weeks left! (9 to be exact!) ACK!

((And you'll notice she's still "BabyGirl" - that's not because I'm being secretive with a name or anything, it means she still has no name!!!! I can't decide! PLEASE HELP! Suggestions welcome!!))

(30week post to follow (as well as a fall photo dump!) as I think this one's gotten unexpectedly lengthy...)

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  1. I HAVE BEEN WONDERING WHERE YOU HAVE BEEN!! I'm not always on Blogger or commenting as much because of time restrictions, but I'm always trying to check in. Last I heard was you being mad on the anniversary and it was like a cliffhanger LOL. SUCH A CUTE HAT! And how great that you got all those clothes. I can't believe you have a date already - I'm not starting the official countdown of stalking your blog for a birth announcement, but that will start soon!!!