Friday, October 2, 2015

Fumin' on Friday...

Can I just let this all out?

Fucking "Darling"Husband... 

It probably doesn't help that in my dreams last night, it was something about Christmas Day at my family's house (we always totally split each year's holiday because his fam = NJ and my fam = TX) and in the dream he left before the meal because he was supposed to be having friends over to his house  (apparently we were all in the same state) and people were going to start showing up... So I woke up peeved at him...

And then, as usual lately, he snoozes his alarm about 10 times while I get up and get Button changed, myself 1/2 ready (makeup only) and then breakfast for the two of us.  15 minutes later I can hear him just getting out of the shower, and when he finally gets down to take the dogs out, Button and I are finishing breakfast and I have about 5 minutes to finish getting myself ready... 
Back upstairs Button and I go for the next 10 minutes (and where is E during all of this?! certainly not coming up to help Button brush his teeth or anything!) of course, a diaper needs to be changed (yay for still not pooping on the potty, ARGH!) and teeth brushed (both his and mine!) and then E comes up and is all, "c'mon [Button] we need to get your shoes on!"

Oh now you want to try to step in and rush him to help? (oh yea, go pregnancy hormones)

And at one point we're discussing weekend plans and I say I planned breakfast/playdate with bestie Dee and her 13-month-old Sunday morning, and E's all, "but I play hockey Sunday morning, and it'll be the last time Button can come watch me..." (and in my head I'm going, bullshit, this is the last time you'll ever play hockey?!) he continues "...I mean, for the next year or so..."

Ok so now you want me to change my plans?! I say that Dee isn't available Saturday morning and (true man) E doesn't hear that part and says, "yea, Saturday morning would work better for me, so [Button] can come watch me plan Sunday morning..." and acts all hang dog that I (I'm sure as he perceives it) won't change MY plans so Button can go watch his daddy play hockey (which will entertain him for all of 2 minutes and then we're sitting there for the other 58 minutes, bored - me chasing Button all over the stands...)

Then I'm having to pack the dog's food and treats (a coworker is "borrowing" her for the weekend - they love to dogsit for her and we don't have any upcoming vacations lol) and Button gets into clear nail polish on the coffee table (that yes, I left out last night - but FUCK, E can you watch him for two seconds this morning?!)

And then - tonight we're going out to dinner - so E suggests it'd make more sense for me to pick up Button and then just meet him down by his mom's (who is babysitting and is local to the restaurant we're going to).

Yup, sure - I'll get Button, run home, get the other dog out and fed, get myself ready for date night and Button ready for your mom's house, and then meet you down there.  

In time for dinner.


(oh yea - we're going out tonight for our 5th wedding anniversary... HAPPY ANNIVERSARY "DARLING" HUSBAND!!)


  1. I HATE listening to someone else snooze constantly. I hope your anniversary date went well though!

  2. I had to laugh at this. We just had our 4th anniversary and it was nothing like I imagined it would be. I hope your date went okay, even though I'm sure you just wanted to scream at him!