Tuesday, October 27, 2015

Aw Dump It...

First, before I dump the many photos, I had to share this awesome GIF I recently saw, especially after Sunday's game (which, because we were with family, specifically sports-HATING-SIL, I didn't dare ask her to put the game on while she was watching Sex In The City reruns and so I worriedly checked the score every 15 min or so on my phone, and the second SIL stepped away from the living room, I confirmed she was done watching and dashed in to watch the last 4 minutes of play... The Pats kicked it up against GangGreen (gangrene - the worst name ever!) of course when I started watching... thank bajeesus)
*Right back atcha babe!*

Anyways - photo dump time! (Because, catch up posts? with like, a post for each week/weekend I'm behind? NEVER GONNA HAPPEN...)

So here goes:
end of September - we got the finishing touch for his Halloween costume (except now DH has setup a second costume for Button to wear to his work party tomorrow evening... as I made fun of moms that had two costumes for their kiddos. lol)
Also - a G-rated (no?) bathtub shot, and the kale is STILL coming! (which reminds me, there's THREE bagfuls in my fridge waiting to be used!)

The craziness that happens on weekend mornings... 

Second weekend in October, we hit up the "local" (and WAY OVERCROWDED) pumpkin "patch" (where - ha - we didn't even actually buy any carving pumpkins... too anxious to escape the crowds that kept showing up!)

but Button sure had a lot of fun going down the slide (over and over and over and over) and checking out the fun tractor!

a little random October fun - sleepover at "Auntie's house" (she captioned her pic "guess whose waffle is whose!"
and a great yard-sale find for $5!

What can I say? the kid loves to clean!! (his little vacuum was another yard sale find - I think $1 or $2?)

(yes the first pair says Heineken... don't judge... he loves those shades!)

The next weekend, we went for a walk (technically to get "family" photos in the beautiful fall foliage - pictures are still on my large Canon!) and DH got some cute phone photos...
the next day was a christening for a cousin's second-born son, where the parents and kids were slave to the DJ played some stupid hoola-hoop game...

This past weekend, while DH was off playing hockey/hanging with the guys (ALL WEEKEND! ugh no resentment here...) we had a craft evening!

We made yummy homemade popcorn (vs the microwave-bag-kind) with Bacon Cheddar seasoning (as requested by Button)
And Mommy took over on the fish craft
(aw who am I kidding? it was my craft from the start lol)

And this past Sunday was carving day at the IL's where Button got icked out by the pumpkin guts, and then helped Daddy carve (or at least pull out the eyes after they were carved...)

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