Monday, November 2, 2015

What Nesting Looks Like...

As I've slowly accumulated a decent amount of clothing for Baby Girl (yes still EFFING unnamed...) I've realized the 3-4 plastic drawers in the top of Button's closet will be totally insufficient storage... (hello! Girls need more space!!)

So I decided to do for the nursery closet what I've done in mine - throw a dresser in the bottom of it!  (So now baby girl will have 5 plastic drawers at the top of the closer, and a 5-drawer dresser at the bottom - plus maybe a drawer in the changing table if I can squeeze crib sheets / changing-pads into storage elsewhere.)

So - Button and I ran to Kmart yesterday morning (after enjoying the fact that somehow we did Daylight Savings prep right - kept Button up an extra hour Saturday night and wore his ass out with Halloween festivities so he slept in Sunday morning until his "usual" time - even with the hour we gained!)

We picked up the dresser (which, usually I'd be a "I CAN LIFT THIS!" type, but I decided to be smart and have a sales guy help me heft the 50+ lb box into my cart...) and also got some great (i.e. cheap) frames to get up some more of Button's art work in his playroom. (will take pictures tonight!)
UPDATED with pictures! (for the first time ever after promising pictures. lol)
 The five drawers we started with, and the new dresser in the bottom (the bags that look all sloppy at the bottom are clothes that still need to be washed for BG...)

The dresser sat in my car until DH got home to take it out during Button's nap, and then sat upstairs in the hallway while we enjoyed a sunny afternoon at a nearby playground (and watched the sun set at like, 2pm. UGH!)

And so, (without pictures so please use your imagination from this description) here's what nesting looks like at 7pm on a Sunday night at 32weeks:

     me sitting on Button's floor, in sweatpants and a bra (because holy sweatiness...) while E gave Button a bath and I assembled drawers with a screw gun and hammer.

and DAMN if I couldn't sort and load into the dresser all the itty bitty pink and purple leggings, onesies and sleepers.... maybe I'll get to do that today after work as I mope about in pitch black dark, you know - since the sun sets before I even step foot out of my job!

(Also - I'm getting excited/antsy for my baby shower I found out was being thrown for me!
1 - I'd like to be dressed nice, possibly even in a new sweater dress or something flattering that I feel good in!
2 - I'm also enjoying the surprise aspect this time (with Button, I knew exactly when my shower was... and while I found out about it in general this time around, I have no clue when/where/who's coming!) but I'm also kind of glad I know it's coming - I've reined myself in a few times when I would have normally bought cute little things for BabyGirl!

32week check-in to follow in separate post!

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  1. HOW IS THIS HAPPENING???? I'm so excited to "meet" this baby!!! And if I don't ever have any more girls, your baby girl is going to have a TON of hand me downs!!!!!!!