Wednesday, November 18, 2015

Falling in love with fall & Pumpkin Raviolis!

Word and picture vomit to follow (mostly because work? well it's crazy - between there only being holyfuckingshit SIXTEEN work days left and big projects being due in addition to the wrap-up of training and "OH WAIT I FORGOT HOW TO SHOW YOU THIS!")

Here's your 2015 Halloween celebrations:

We started to get into the fall mood with some Pumpkin Ravioli!! (I had found a looks-easy-enough recipe in a magazine, but then couldn't find the required Wonton Wrappers (plus forgot to look) until recently...)
 The filling was just (if I remember correctly) half a can of pumpkin, some salt&pepper to taste, and about 1/4 - 1/2 C of Parmesan cheese... Lay out the wonton wrappers and spoon about a tsp onto each, then run a water-wetted finger along each edge to "seal" a second wonton wrapper on top...
Boil up the raviolis like regular pasta (but be really careful! they're delicate!) and the sauce was just browned butter and fresh sage with a dash of lemon juice right before evertyhing is served (get the butter to brown by nearly letting it burn before each stir!)

The raviolis were VERY delicate especially after being cooked, so they kind of stuck together and clumped - but still, OMG DELICIOUS! I'll have to buy more wonton wrappers and pumpkin (I think I have a second can still in fact!) for another batch this fall!

The next day, (Wednesday before Halloween), DH's work had a small party (last year I was actually costumed-up as a mime, Button was Scooby Doo, and DH - well I just don't remember. lmao)
This year, I was just a PG lady for halloween, lol - but DH and Button were a hit!
(DH's fBook post: "Honey, they shrunk Marty!")

Friday was Button's big day - they had a party and parade at daycare in the afternoon for which I left work after the internal ponderings of: is it silly that I'm leaving work for a two-year-old's Halloween parade? I used to scoff at the mom who took an entire day for her THIRD child's preschool graduation thinking - it's your THIRD!
but now? I think... THEY'RE ONLY YOUNG ONCE!!!

So I darted out of work for an hour, watched this Ace do his thang at the parade, and then hauled ass back to work...

Except then Button and DH showed up to visit me at work the last few minutes before we all left together! (everyone LOVED Button...)

We decided (as we frequently do Friday nights) we weren't gonna cook (and had no leftovers at home) so we stopped at our favorite all-you-can-eat sushi bar where Button chowed down on his favorite: edamame and salmon teriyaki. (He also apparently had learned to WINK at some point and was Flirty-McFlirt with our waitress!!!)

Saturday morning (Halloween!) I decided to make iced pumpkin cookies 
(I had a powder mix recently purchased when we went to a petting zoo/farm and the canned pumpkin required).

After Button's nap, we headed over to my bestie Dee's house for a "Halloween party" (in quotes because it was only Bestie+DH+17-mo-son and fBFF+DH +almost-3-yo son) followed by some Trick-or-Treating!

We were then barraged with requests from family to "stop by" which entailed us being out and about until almost 6:30... By the time we got home, Button was hungry (and so, cranky) and I was worried our house would be egged since no one was home to hand out candy (not to mention all the candy we did buy that we weren't handing out! It wasn't candy I liked, and so I had no interest in any being leftover!)

(We only had ONE batch of TOTers after we got home... so all that candy has been brought to work for my coworkers over the last few weeks... 3.5 lbs of it, now GONE!)

That night was also Daylight Savings, and so - with fingers crossed - we kept Button up an hour later than normal (9pm pre-time-change) and ...
 Sunday morning he woke up his "regular" time!!! (7:30 post-time-change, which was actually 8:30 pre-time-change!)

(That was also the Sunday that Button and I hit up Kmart for half-naked-nesting time later that night!)
What I hadn't mentioned (or didn't have the pictures loaded yet to mention) was that after we successfully conquered DST Sunday morning, and after Button's nap, the boys did some leaf-clean-up before we enjoyed the last rays of sun at a local park (at 4pm - I HATE that about winter time!)

I also finally got pictures of our completed backyard renovations!!! (and holy pictures, there are a ton - a separate post to follow!)

**Also - this past Saturday my awesome SIL, MIL, DH's aunt+cousin put together a great Sprinkle for me, which, as I mentioned, a friend had kind of ruined the "surprise" but I was still surprised, as I totally didn't expect it that day! And there were more HUGE SURPRISES in store once the party got started!!
It totally deserves its own post, so next up - Sprinkle pictures (a few, no people/group shots really...) as well as pictures from the 3D ultrasound we got that evening (it was a crazy busy exciting day!) and some comparison bump shots I've slacked in posting! (and don't let me forget to tell you how I totally lost count of weeks this week! lol)

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