Tuesday, November 3, 2015

ACK! only 7 weeks left!

  • Baby's getting ready for his or her descent—and is likely in the head-down position now. or not...   I was pretty sure she is transverse as I feel feet lodge into my pelvis and PUSH - and yes, confirmed at yesterday's OB check-up, "she definitely feels that way!" (while doc manhandled her to confirm, she totally kicked back like, "CUT IT OUT!")
  • And baby's probably feeling even more cramped.  I will agree with this - the "kicks" are now more stretches and little limbs rolling around!
  • More Braxton Hicks contractions. Are they getting more intense? um... YES.  like, alot alot. of course, these don't mean jack sh*t in terms of real labor... lol
  • Heartburn. Go ahead and pop an antacid. Actually not too bad on this - I'll get a little bit of reflux here and there (like when I vurped this morning in the car... GAG)
  • Feeling faint or light-headed can be a result of any number of things, including low blood sugar. I had more of this earlier in the pregnancy, but it's been much better recently (minus one "attack" this weekend where I waited too long to eat lunch....)
Best Moments This Week: Button is having fun looking at all the stuff coming in for "Baby Guhl" like his old jump-a-roo and bumbo (returned from my bestie Dee who borrowed 'em for her son!)
Total Weight Gain: I've plateaued the last two/three weeks, holding at 22lbs (with Button I plateaued the last month 1/2 or so...)

Maternity Clothes: yup. the paneled pants - the panels used to feel like they came to my chin, now they don't cover the bump all the way! lol

Symptoms: ok here's where we'll stop a minute... I've bitched the last two weeks of this pain and that, saying to E, "OMG I don't remember being this uncomfortable at this point with Button!" and said the same to the OB yesterday at my check-up as I complained of horrible bad low back pain (my coccyx sometimes feels like it's grinding on itself... OIY!) and take-your-breath-away RLP... and she responded, "each pregnancy is different, and of course there's pregnancy amnesia..."
meaning - you look back and think, "aw... I loved being pregnant! it wasn't that bad!" but it was un.com.fortable.... 
and I realized, thinking back on these check-ins that I was all, "no symptoms really! just a little tired!" so if I were to re-read these from Button's pregnancy, it wasn't that bad...
Here's the truth : I wake up at least 2-3 times a night, and then lay awake for a solid 20+ minutes, eyes closed, trying to get back to sleep... (and like last night, just as I doze off, Button "wakes" crying in a dream and needs soothing back to sleep)
There's times that RLP (or whatever it is) in my crotch makes me gasp as I shift on the couch (which then makes E yell, "don't gasp! you make me think your water broke or something!")
Whether it's from standing, or sitting all day at work - I get lower back pain that feels like bone grinding on bone, yet it feels so good to slowly get into a position on my back, feet up on the wall and relieve some of the pain...
and I cannot.  get.   enough.  sleep - like, first-tri fatigue again. I'm falling asleep on the couch by 9pm (holy lame...)
So there's a more honest "symptoms" answer =)

Sleep: well, I guess - see above. lol
Food Cravings: (same as last check-in) : nothing really crazy - it can change hour to hour...

Anything making you queasy or sick:  well, I can have a random moment hear and there (average once a week) where I get a quick wave of nausea (probably caused by low blood sugar or a too-empty stomach...)

Movement:  performing recorded kick-counts now on this cool app - and it hasn't made me go crazy yet! (like, if I start a count b/c she kicked once and then doesn't kick anymore, giving a "Failed" count even though I started it at a random time that I know is not her usual wake time!)
She's active as I lay in bed when I first wake up, very active about 9:30 as I settle in at work, again just around lunch time, again in late afternoon, and another two noticeable sessions - once when I get home from work and again after Button's gone to bed. (that doesn't count her 2-3 minimum active sessions during the night!)

Stretch Marks:(same as last check-in) : Still just ones I had on my hips from highschool...

Gender: (same as last check-in) : Baby Girl!!

Labour Signs: yup, more Braxton Hicks (regularly irregular. lol)

Belly Button In or Out?: it's getting close to poppin' here... if I don't double layer shirts (and have full panel pants on) you can see it (and Button likes to poke it. lol)

Wedding Rings on or off?: (same as last check-in) : On

Happy or Moody?: pretty off-kilter, so happy one minute and moody the next. lol a single bad driver (or pedestrian, guy who darted in front of my car last night in BLACK CLOTHING!) can set me off for awhile...
Purchases for baby: Nothing lately - got another bag from a daycare mom (different mom this time) who was just "cleaning house" and so it was a random small bag of 2T stuff, but we'll add it to our stash!

Purchases for Momma: nothing lately... I'm wanting to get a cute sweater dress or something new to wear to the baby shower, but kind of tough since it's supposed to be a big surprise and I don't even know when it is...
Miss Anything?: this answer has not changed. I'd really like a good martini especially after a stressful day at work... and a nice cold Blue Moon while watching the Patriots play football... *sigh*

Looking forward to: yup - meeting baby girl! Her name is stressing me - I keep waiting for a sign or an indication that a certain name is the one... so we still have no name. lol

this was late last night after my nightly couch-nap on my way to bed...
(so pardon the zombie-tired-look lol)

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  1. "vurped" - had to think about that one for a second and then I was like... yup - I know all about vurping but now I know the word to call it!