Monday, September 15, 2014

A Request...

Hey ladies (and any gents!) - I'm coming to you guys with a request...

and I'm going all in because the pages and profiles we've got going have mine and my husband's full name...

So - Here goes:

Eric and I have recently begun a venture that is close to the heart for us, especially with one of us driving Ben to daycare every day, and we’re looking for your help to get it off the ground...

I receive a Parenting magazine monthly, and a recent article told of three different sets of parents who suffered a terrible tragedy: they all had a child die from heatstroke after unintentionally being left in a vehicle.

We did more research, and couldn’t believe the numbers - there had been a total of 21 hot-car deaths so far this year and 38 per year on average.  Looking into the statistics, I recently came across a story that gives me chills:
7 years ago, Lyn Balfour forgot her 9-month-old Bryce in her backseat while she spent hours at work. That morning she was rushing to deal with an emergency at her Charlottesville, Virginia, job.  When her babysitter called that afternoon to check on the baby, Balfour paused her day in confusion.
“Stunned, realizing what she'd done, Balfour ran to her car. She started CPR on Bryce.
The mother's cries for help would be heard on a 911 call later played in court, but it was too late.
Overheated, Bryce died.”

With a total of 21 deaths so far this year, a hot-car death is occurring every 12 days.

Why are we reaching out to you?

We’ve created a product that we think will save lives - an easy-to-use tag that hangs on your rearview mirror during car rides to help remind the driver, as well as alert the public, that there is a child in the backseat of the vehicle.

We’re now on Kickstarter to begin fundraising, and we’re asking for your help in getting this off the ground.  

You can help in 2 ways:

  • Make a pledge to our Kickstarter (and get cool stuff from SafetyBIB!)
  • Share our Kickstarter page, share (and like!) our Facebook page, and share our website with your friends and family

Eric and I sincerely appreciate any efforts on your part to help us get this product off the ground… THANK YOU!

****Here's the thing blog-readers: The above is our format email we blasted out... and I won't say we don't need your help fundraising, but I'm mostly asking you to just share the information:

Share our facebook page...
Share our kickstarter page...
Share our website... (my awesome husband made it all!)
Tweet about us... (@safetybib)

Just share the word! 

A million thank yous in advance for helping us out!!

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  1. I'm a backer :) Good luck reaching your funding goal!!!