Friday, September 5, 2014


I don't think any explanation is needed for TGIF.

'nuff said.

and twin girls from Ben's class at daycare, I noticed this morning, were in the Toddler1 room. That happens at
 18 months. That's US in just over 4 months.

And part CarRide Chronicles (since it was on the drive into work this morning that I was pondering this all - on CD2...)

the big one: TFAS

I kept feeling anxiety and a need to rush into TTC again this summer.  I would look at E's cousin (whose son turned two in April and who I predict to be the next BFP announcement) and think, I definitely don't want my children that far apart! But did that mean I needed to get pregnant before her?

Or the fBFF who admitted a few months after her son (who will be two in December) was born that, if they could have afforded it, she'd have had her second (and third?) in very quick succession.  But not because she wanted close age, no - because she theorized, "Why get my body back in shape PP only to ruin (her words!!) it again with the next one?"
Why did I feel the pressure to be pregnant with #2 before her? to show her that she could still have gotten back in shape PP after #1?

(ok, saying that part outloud - yea, I'd love to just show her that it's possible to keep a fit & healthy body, even with less than 24 months between pregnancies...)

but it was during my work commute this morning that I recalled being in the hospital hours after Ben was born, watching family file in and rush to stroke his soft cheeks, and marvel over his teeny little ears (still tucked nicely in!) and glance my way, giving me a figurative THUMBS UP MOM! You made a beautiful little boy!

THAT'S what I love. 

And the comments from strangers during our Lake George vacation (at 27 weeks pregnant) of how cute I looked with my bumpin' bump.

I'm an Attention Whore.

I loved the attention I got in cute maternity dresses (ok and stilletos... I have good balance!).
I loved the attention I got in the hospital and in the following days.
I still love the attention I get when I take Ben out dressed like this:
 (older picture - mustache recently fell off the pacific (RIP Stache!))

And all of that is a very selfish reason to jump into TTC & (hopefully) bump-dom again.  So I remind myself, as I sip my chilled Clos du Bois Chardonnay, of the timeline E and I both settled on a few nights ago.

I have the rest of summer to enjoy cold Coronas.
I get all of Fall to wrap my fingers around mugs of spiked cider.
and I get all the way through New Years to clink flutes of bubbly!



  1. Ditto TGIF. Holy eff this week has been a long'en.

    I'm sorry to hear of the passing of the moustachifier. He certainly made Ben look cute!!!

  2. That picture... oh my cuteness. Drink some extra Coronas for me.