Tuesday, September 9, 2014

CarRide Conundrum

On the latest carride into work, I was debating whether to fax my resume to MIL's place of work, who is hiring for what I do.

They're hiring for both part-time & full-time positions, but more importantly - for a position that is not responsible for things like receptionist call-outs (just one teeny aspect of what I do...)  I manage an office, so if staff call out, technically my assistant is responsible for covering. 

She likes to pretend to not have her phone on her during the weekends, and likes to play hot-potato: "It's [figuratively] out of my hands - SOMEONE ELSE'S RESPONSIBILITY!" 

So I've been debating a lot lately whether to start looking around job-wise.  (there's a million other things, aside from just call-outs that are causing me to want to leave...)

But each time I really begin the process, checking Monster and Craigslist, I begin to feel guilty.  I get the feeling that I'm cheating on my current employer... HUSSY!

See, he's been very good to me (and family) - you remember that bonus I got during the crazy discovery phase of the lawsuit (which is still going on BTDubs...)?

We also received a very nice monetary wedding gift, another nice monetary "Housewarming gift" when we bought our first house, as well as another verrrrry nice gift when Ben was born.  (and another small one at his first birthday.)

So yea, he's been very good.  And if I were to never voluntarily leave, I have a feeling I'd have a position for life here.

But - speaking of having to handle call-outs - the assistant is also CONSTANTLY on her cell phone.  Like, she came back after 2 weeks vacation (during which I probably only had a total extra of 2-3 hours' work directly due to her absence - what does she DO all day?!) and the first thing I see when I walk into our office is her on the cell phone.

Talking about her son's first day of school.  "And is this boy in his class? What shoes did he wear?"


I wanted to do the Passive Approach - kind of like the summer job I had after high school at a plastic surgeon's office:  The Dr made a comment about midriffs, or something-or-other about the fashion of them. Another office girl leaned over to me and whispered, "That's her way of saying your shirt is too short!"

My idea was to be all, "Asst, there must be some big emergency this morning... some big emergency that require you be CONSTANTLY texting and carrying your cellphone on you throughout the building..."

Overall, I've already taken back a few of what should be her responsibilities - because she made too many errors (not a ton, but enough that by the time I had fixed the screw ups, I might as well have just done the tasks myself to begin with.)

So, after feeling guilty for awhile, I flip-flop back to the "I have it sweet here! Why would I leave? I'll make HER leave!"

And then just thirty minutes into work day I'm thinking, I CAN'T DO THIS ANYMORE!!!

*runs off to fax resume*


  1. This didn't post before, but knowing my luck Blogger will fix its mistake before and this will post twice (so apologies if this posts more than once). Good luck if you go for this other job! Your employer will understand if a better opportunity comes up. I quit my job a year ago and I am still close with my former supervisor.

    1. Thanks! It actually really helps to hear that you're still on good grounds, and close!, with a former boss!