Wednesday, July 1, 2015

whoa nellie - lots of books!

So the last Reading Challenge check in (two weeks ago I think) had the totals at:
     24 books read
     26 books left to read

The new current count!
(with an "extra" / uncategorized 4 books read!)

I had tried to keep a running total tally count of all books read (I think the last update ended at #29) but I'm not sure that's correct - 24 "categorized" and 3 "extra" read at the last check-in only run 27...
**Ok I found one extra book (#7 in the total list of 29) that I both never blogged about and never logged, not sure what book it was, and another extra book that was double-counted as a categorized book...**

SO the new total count is 36 books read, 30 Challenge books.

Here we go:
#30. Can't Always Get What You Want by Chelsey Krause    #4/50: A book published this year   (fin 6/19/15)
This was a book I just wanted to read, and lo and behold, it was published January 13, 2015! =) 
A cute romance with some hot sex scenes- good, light summer vaca reading!

#31. The Billionaire and the Virgin by Jessica Clare    n/a   (fin 6/20/15)
another book I just wanted to read, based on its free-ness and it was interesting - another light summer read, but the male lead is a brass, curse-like-a-sailor bad boy that I never did develop the "awwww he so deserves love!" feeling towards...

#32. Yesterday's Gone by Sean Platt    #40/50: A graphic novel    (fin 6/24/15)
ooooookay so this isn't technically a graphic novel, as in - there's no pictures... but it IS written in episodes and seasons! (I only finished Season One so far!) 
It's great though - a post-apocalyptic story similar to Left Behind where a number of people have vanished - the people left behind are trying to figure out who these SCARY-ASS creatures are coming after them! And why a few of them have dreamt of the others before ever meeting... Can't wait to dig into Seasons 2-5! (Must. Not. Distract. from Challenge!)

#33.  To Kill a Mockingbird by Harper Lee    #25/50: A book you were supposed to read in school but didn't   (fin 6/26/15)
Alot of my coworkers were surprised when I told them I had been reading this book due to never reading it in school. And to be honest, it wasn't the phenom I expected... interesting ending...

#34. Remember When by T. Torrest    #36/50: A book set in highschool   (fin 6/28/15)
This was a great book - a "throwback" to growing up in the early 90's complete with grunge fashion and scrunchees.  It's actually a trilogy and I'm excited to read #2 - set in 2000 with the two main love interests all "grownup" and in their mid-20s! (And #3 I am going to assume is more present-day, to cover their 30's!)

#35. The Beckoning Fair One by Oliver Onions    #23/50:  A book more than 100 years old   (fin 6/30/15)
I originally had a different (free) book for this category to be read, but it was so freaking dry... (the issue with books written 100 years ago!) this book (published in 1911) was actually a "short story" (at 57 pages) and was a horror story! While it was a slow going for a bit, the ending was a cool curve-ball!

#36. In Too Deep by Tracey Alvarez    #29/50: A book set somewhere you've always wanted to visit   (fin 6/30/15)
(I obviously read this one a bit simultaneously as the scary old book (#35))
This one was pretty good - set in Australia, with a main female character who is a police forensic diver! Interesting characters - hot sex scenes (blushes) great summer read!  (And also part of the Due South Series, so if you choose to, you can read along as all the other main characters fall in love in their own steamy sagas!)

(currently reading Melting Into You (no-category) which is the second book in the Due South Series - I'll cut it off after this one so I can be sure to get on with the Challenge List!)

So there you go - only 20 books left with half the year left!! (And a flight to CO in a few days to read! - yes, Button is still a Daddy's boy when we travel, which lets me read!!)


  1. Great progress! I only set myself a number this year instead of any specific challenge and I'm doing pretty well, though I need to get back to reading. With traveling most of June, I only managed three books for the month. :P

  2. Where do you find the time to read?! You are like super mom. If I read my email once a day, I call it a win. Thanks for posting these - I'm always looking for something new to read (whenever I can finally get around to it!)