Monday, July 13, 2015

Monday Mish-Mash (16w!)

So we got back from a week in Colorado Springs Friday night! Big Family Reunion, lots of pictures and week's description to follow!

For your present entertainment, some nuggets from "precious" SIL (remember her from last Christmas?!):
(First off - her 21-month-old daughter is, in my opinion, severely un-fed and under-nourished (malnourished is too strong/harsh) - she's "allergic"** to all kinds of stuff, and due to missing key items in her diet, the poor girl has zero muscle tone and not much energy to run around and play, like her crazy cousin Button...)
(**Even my brother questioned SIL at one point, asking "but how do we know she's allergic to eggs? She only had them that one time a year ago!" (and the "allergic reaction" was something like, she scratched her neck alot.  sigh   Also - why wouldn't you be willing to try foods again, especially since you carry around an EpiPen Jr even though the girl has NO KNOWN anaphylactic allergies?!?)
Ok back to the list of "crazies" that I kept:
     - Supposedly her daughter dictates what she needs nutrition-wise.  Like, if she doesn't get enough of one thing one day (protein?!) she'll "crave it the next day" and so it all "balances out"
     - As we're having french toast with the house-offered regular syrup: "We use organic/all natural syrup, this syrup is much more watery"
     - Regarding the surprisingly low-level of baby-proofing of the house we rented (homeowners have two children) "Some people just don't baby proof - they just train their toddlers to stay out of things."
oh really. so you just TRAIN a 14-month-old to stay out of the cabinet of cleaners?!
     - As I was verbally going through the diaper bag before an outing (and mentioned Button's multi-vitamins) she spits out, "I've read that children/toddlers really don't need vitamins at all and ironically, it's the parents that give their kids vitamins who also feed their kids really well-balanced diets." (I really should have fired back, "then that must mean your daughter REALLY needs vitamins! too bad you won't give them to her!")
     - On the way in from a car trip, laughing as Button had taken off his shoes and socks again, and here was SIL carrying [baby's] shoes and socks as well - I asked, "oh [baby] likes to take hers off too?"
SIL responded, "oh no, she gets really uncomfortable if they're on too long, and I just really don't think she needs to stay uncomfortable!"  (again, I think of comebacks after the fact: "oh, why don't you try bigger socks and shoes?! they totally should not be uncomfortable...")

While we were in CO, E's uncle house- and dog-sat for us (for the second time.)

The first time? He broke a piano table that was in the guest room- like, legs all came off - broken. (He said he fell in the middle of the night...) but then he never told us.
We came home and discovered it... along with wet towels all over the bathroom floor, like he was at Hotel Buggy.

This time?
Jelly on the front door...
black dress socks (which did NOT match, according to E) dirty and balled up on the back of a kitchen chair...
a bag of peaches (that he had asked for!) that had rotted and had nearly turned to liquid...
in fact, one of the peaches he didn't eat somehow ended up on another kitchen chair, underneath where my leather Michael Kors purse sat - which I got to clean this morning when I discovered said rotten peach...
**AND I also discovered while driving Button to daycare, that the peach juice had dripped on my brand new B&W striped maxi skirt (OF COURSE on the white part!)
E is forgiving these transgressions because he's all, "oh but he does us such a huge favor, we don't have to go drop off/pick up dogs and he also watches the house..."

Yea, but he hasn't ruined/broken/stained any of YOUR things!!!

(Also - what's with people asking if this pregnancy's planned??  my bestie's BIL - a father of two - asked me that on Saturday at the First Bday Party for bestie's son...  Also at this party, fBFF cornered me by the bathroom with a shotgun, "Did you ever FEEL yourself ovulate?!" which led to a huge teaching session, schooling her on Luteal phases, and DPO count and when you can truly attribute "Symptoms" to a pregnancy (she was about 3DPO, she thinks, but already totally just felt pregnant...)

Next up - a 16week update (movement! I've definitely been feeling tiny pops every few days for at least a week! HI BABY AVOCADO!!)

And - AGH - Button's SECOND BIRTHDAY PARTY this coming Saturday!!!!!!!

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  1. Your SIL must be taking crazy pills because making up an allergy (without properly testing her child) seems extremely stupid.

    And everyone in general seems to need to take a lesson on general manners it seems. Destroying your property, or even leaving a wet towel on the floor is just plain rude. Not to mention "is this pregnancy planned". Tell them I have a finger for them... LOL