Thursday, July 30, 2015

Button - a TwoYearSnapShot


A Snapshot of Button at a whopping Two Years Old!!!

We're totally guessing that he's around/at least 30 lbs right now (his 2-year check-up isn't for another 3 weeks... will update once we get those numbers)

And according to his little monkey growth chart on the wall in his room, he's almost 35 inches tall!

He is (still) in size 4 diapers (both daytime and nighttime) and we've started to pull out a few 3T items (pre-worn and -washed hand-me down pants and shirts!) but he's mostly still in 2T shorts and Tshirts, rocking a size 7 shoe (6 if he's lucky and they're his old stretched Saucony's!)

He loves to hang out with cousins:

He loves to visit playgrounds

He loves pooltime (whether a big pool or his baby pool) and letting it all hang out:

And he loves to go to the beach when we're down the shore!

He is famously entertained by wrapping paper, gift bags (and the tissue paper - he opened a Bday gift from Grandma and went "ooooooooo" as he pulled out just the tissue paper...) and laundry baskets!

We frequently come into the living room to find him (with as many toys as he can fit) in our shorter, fatter laundry basket - a boat ready to party!

 His stuffed animals that must travel with us on any long-distance trips are Gee (a SleepSound Giraffe) and BoBo (one of the first toys we bought for him when I was still PG!)

He also loves a rocking horse an aunt got him (so much so, he does THIS:

He is very task oriented, and will spent minutes on end moving his stool from one light switch to the next, "helping" us turn the lights on, or shut the room doors, etc.

He's a BIG goofball, and will laugh and giggle and crack himself up after he's responded to the question "What should we name [baby sister]?" with something like "baby BLHSTHSISKMFK!"

He doesn't tantrum much/frequently and when he does, it's usually over not wanting to get dressed:
...and it's usually over within a minute or so...

He is very curious (he pulled up a chair on his own and watched - E said for an hour! - the big trucks working on the backyard)

He says, "Ben watch big yellow truck!" (of course, in his adorable toddler-ese accent!)

He loves to pull out his flash cards (E's idea to buy...) and rapid fires nearly every card in the deck!

We began keeping count of his words after the 18-month appointment "scare" and he quickly hit 50 words in the next two months...

His language kept exploding, and we were quickly unable to keep up with his word count - I'm going to guess over 100 words, and more each day!

He can currently identify a number of colors (you know - red, blue, orange, yellow, green - none of the "periwinkle" or "lavender" yet... lol)
He can also count (independently!) to 10! 

We're even getting frequent 4-word sentences!

He loves broccoli (my son?!?!) and chicken (as long as it's dipped in "cupcup" aka ketchup) and apple sauce  - make that any and all fruit!

He loves bananas (has one every time we pass the produce section while food shopping!) and basically - well, nearly every food we feed him!
He even ate creamed spinach the other night!!!

He nearly has a full set of teeth (up to his 1-year molars) - we're just waiting on two more canines to come in (which are taking

I guess he'll get the last two just in time to start working on his 2-year molars!

While we've been very casually peeing on the potty for a loooong time (6-7 months?) we're trying to start the official Potty Training career now!
You'll remember while in CO he made us pull over so he could go pee pee?!
He's not as consistent as that letting us know he needs to go, especially like last night as he stood in the kitchen, looked me right in the eye, and pooped (poop face and all...)

I think this fall (September? start of "new school year") he'll get moved to the Toddler 2 room at daycare, and they officially start (helping with) the potty training! (since they have a toddler-toilet in that room) so we're just warming up!

He doesn't always nap fabulously (at daycare they average 2 hours! WTHECK!) but when he naps down the shore, boy does he nap!

On an average day, he goes to bed at 8pm (teeth brushing, bedtime stories, a few songs - asleep around 8:30)

and he (probably) wakes up anywhere from 6:30 to 7 - I say probably, because he just hangs in his room (mostly in his bed with a bed-full of toys) and basically waits for us to come in and get him around 7:30.

On weekends, it's closer to 8 when we wake up to go get him... (it's also a little later he may go to bed...)

Weekend naps can be anywhere from an hour+20min to just about 2 hours (again, how does daycare every day get him to nap at least 2hours, sometimes close to 3?!?!)

With his great sleeping habits (has been STTN since 11 weeks!) I'm nervous about the old wives' tale that baby #2 is usually the opposite of #1...

We'll just have to wait and see!

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  1. I want our kiddos to meet! I think they'd have so much fun! Nolan hates clothes and loves pooping when he shouldn't. I think they'd get along swell ;)