Friday, July 31, 2015

A long-due "Dear Baby Girl"

How did this happen - here we are, a little over a week from seeing you at our HALF-WAY mark through this pregnancy - and I haven't written a single letter "to you" yet!

My baby girl!
(Ack! I've still yet to get used to the word daughter! I heard your daddy say it the other day at your big brother's birthday party - he was discussing the ultrasound during which we found out who you were, and how the techs like to point their little arrows/finger-hands right at The Goods, and Daddy wanted to say, "hey enough poking around there! That's my daughter!!" It was so adorable!!)

Mommy's been feeling your little pops and thumps for a few weeks now, but big news on campus - Daddy just got his first big feel from the outside!
He thought he first felt you two nights ago, a teeny tiny whispered "thump" against his fingertips - but really officially it was last night (18w4d) that you first gave him some good poppin' kicks, right into his hand!

I've been working on your first big thing/deal - a sweater hand-crocheted by Mommy! I can't wait for you to wear it this winter!!!

And we are so excited for pinks and purples - what a change after blues and greens for two years! While Mommy got a little nervous at the can't-resist-adorable-cardigans and leggings and headbands (oh my!) and more importantly, the damage our wallets would take, we had a friend's brother step in with loads of hand-me-downs from his two daughters!

But - don't think I'm already envisioning how cute you'll be in your big brother's hand-me-down overalls (which are, admittedly, a bit green after the tie-dye incident in Colorado this summer!)
I'll apologize now for the "boyish" hand-me downs - your mommy grew up in her big brother's Jordache jeans and Bugle Boy t-shirts, and am still as girly as ever now-a-days! - but we'll try to stick to the real gender neutral ;)

Your daddy and I have a fantastic backyard almost finished for you and your brother, we can't wait to see you both playing in the sprinkler next summer!!!!

We love you, baby girl (we're just fighting it out right now over what your name will be!) and can't wait to see you again in 10 days!!!

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  1. Hello baby girl from Iowa! Your mother has been so excited for you for SO long!!! She talks about you all the time. You're already so loved! :)