Thursday, March 27, 2014

Random Blather for $100,000

Get ready... diarrhea of the mind starting in 3... 2... 1...

So last week we took a step towards baby-proofing (we've already started putting door-knob thingies on, as well as the outlet covers)
Door-Knob thingies:

Anyways - so the next step (pun intended!) was to get our steps covered...

My mom told me the first thing she taught us kids when we started to scoot & move was to get up and down stairs by ourselves... (yet, somehow I still fell down them three times. once in a roller-walker.  #parentingGoneWrong) 

This also benefits us just as much as it's for Ben's safety - E has fallen down the last step about 9 million times, and I laugh each time his sock-feet come out from under him... especially after I've recently dust-mopped the hardwood floors.... lol


I was driving to work yesterday, trying to catch the weather forecast after hearing a rumor of snow Tuesday night...

I caught it just in time to hear the jingle: "NewYorkCity Weatherrrrrr"

"brought to you by THE CAYMAN ISLANDS."


just who I want to hear is sponsoring the winter weather forecast - a tropical island.

Got my first Birch Box in the mail the other day!
I'm loving this little box of goodies, with everything from lip/cheek color, to SuperGoop skin serum (SPF30!) to fresh organic whole-leaf tea!
 (mmm and the Godiva chocolate... you get an edible treat in each box!)

We went to a first-birthday party last Saturday NIGHT (the party was 4pm - 9pm.) Who does that for a FIRST birthday party?! The ghetto people I work with... and when I say ghetto I mean - there was Alize, Ciroc and Hennessy served while the DJ blared Gangsta's Paradise.

A cute moment - Ben met a friend (a daughter of my coworker) who proceeded to steal his pacifier right out of his mouth.... she's lucky she's cute ;)

I'm temping/charting again.  And to be honest,  I'm not sure I know what the hell I'm doing/what's going on...
temps are all OVER the place (it doesn't help that I started CD20...  I mean, I kept meaning to start and then kept forgetting... I figured it'd be ok since I hadn't O'd before CD19 in like, 2 years...

Well just like last month, I've got some insaaaaane EWCM.  Even more now than last month (and that was ALOT of stretchiness...)

So much now that I was checking CP and CM in the bathroom (at work... ugh.  don't worry, hand-washing beforeANDafter is VERY thorough...)
anyway - so after peeing, I wash hands and then do The Check, then at least wipe my hands dry so I can pull up pants and then wash my hands again after.

Setting:  Work Bathroom
Scene: Kate is standing with pants pulled down, having just done The Check, only to discover copious (and I mean COPIOUS) amounts of EWCM.

Kate: Ok, let's get a paper towel and let's wipe this off - crap, get OFF  *shakes hand*
GET OFF you stupid EWC-OH CRAP!
Kate accidentally flings a glob of EWCM onto the bathroom wall...

hangs head...

You're (hopefully) both laughing at the imagery from above, and
gagging at the imagery from below
(speaking of mucus...)


  1. "Kate accidentally flings a glob of EWCM onto the bathroom wall..."

    Wow, I am DYING over here! It hasn't happened to me but damn if it hasn't been a few close calls.

  2. Eww...was the gif really necessary?

    It's nuts, but I've had a ton of EWCM since starting to ovulate again, too. ***TMI alert*** I was getting off the plane when we flew to Ohio for Pap's funeral and thought that I had started my period because there was just a gush. Nope. Watery/EWCM. So much so that I had to use the emergency undies in my carry-on.

    1. GIFs are always necessary. =)

      (and is there ever such a thing as TMI when discussing TTC? lol)