Friday, March 14, 2014

Moving On Up!

Exciting news - I just subscribed to Birc.hBox - let's see how many samples I can add to my horde of itsy bitsy Cl.inique perfumes and Mary.Kay lip-glosses! (*most of these are probably over 5 years old... time to refresh the sample stash!)

Also - I know I just only briefly touched on this in a past post,
 but I got a mom-mobile... 
This sweet ride is all-mine, all-the-time...
We go pre-owned for all our cars, so for $thousands$ less, you get an extra year or two of mileage... My Kia sorento is kickass.  Third-row seating (which REALLY came in handy last Girls Night when we were ALL SEVEN able to fit in one car and not have to fight for multiple parking spots amidst the ginormous snow banks that are all over, but are slowly melting and fading to a distant memory... Can you tell I'm ready for spring?!)
Anyways - between our two cars trucks, we're able to seat FIFTEEN!
So, it's Friday at 5:17pm and I'm sitting at work still, solely for the purpose of finishing this blog post and then I'm running off to tour a daycare... (AGH! more on that later...)
I just gotta say - I look forward to weekends for a totally different reason than one year ago! Forget sleeping in Saturdays and Sundays - I'm still up at the ass-crack of dawn, but I get aallllll day to play with this guy:

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  1. I love the mom-mobile! I can't wait to upgrade but I'm guessing it will be a while. And used is where it's at! Congrats again on the new ride!

    I love weekends too. I look forward to them soooo much. I absolutely love spending every second with my little guy. Waking up slow and playing all day :)