Tuesday, March 25, 2014


1.  At night, as he finishes his bottle in the darkened nursery, his hand reaches up to my mouth as I sing to him... I melt every time.

2. He loves to be let go while standing, and swooped up as he starts to topple... it cracks him up!
(and speaking of standing - he's on his own now with his little walker:

3. When the dogs lick his face, he (ew ew ew) opens his mouth and sticks his tongue out.... BLECH

4. He HATES HATES HATES pureed turkey.  Like, despises it with a passion:

5. He's now taken 3 major hits:
Mommy accidentally clawed his face when he was falling over (omg I almost cried...)
Daddy wasn't quick enough and he knocked his noggin on the hardwood floor...
Daddy (again - ha!) accidentally "punched" him in the eye when the doggies were going CRAZY on their leashes...
*ok so here it looks a little worse than it is, due to the just-woke-up thing going on...

 6. I found the cutest old-man hat, and I am such an Attention Whore when we go to the store with it...

7. He's scooting (as of last Wednesday!)... there's nothing cuter than a scooting baby tush...

8. He does this thing with his mouth, kind of like a fishy-mouth thing, and it's REALLY hard to describe, so here:


  1. WHAT A CUTIE PATOOTIE! I want to buy a walker for my old man... uh I mean baby! Hehe, it's perfect time for them to start being mobile now that it's FINALLY starting to warm up!

  2. He is just too much and that poor little eye! I hope you gave him lots of get well kisses for it. ;)