Thursday, March 6, 2014

7 Months

Oh lord, I give up on this blogging-mom thing... sheesh.

We hit seven months (umm... so like, a few weeks ago?)

He's standing (not quite on his own)...
He likes to model in his free time (ha!)
oh HAI mom!
He loves to sleep on his tummy (which was scary the first night for me!)

We went to Seaside Heights for the day one weekend to watch Daddy freeze his ass off take part of the 2014 Polar Plunge!
And afterwards, we went shopping at our favorite shore-town department store - extra 25% off!!
(Daddy took this hat out of our cart - which I didn't realize til we got home... boooo, no $3 hat from the Jersey Shore....)

We also went rock climbing recently - even Ben!
He's got a grip like a monkey - he was nearly holding himself up!
He loves to visit me at work (well, I think the people at work love it more, technically...)
We aren't crawling yet - but "humping," what daddy calls his rocking... so it's really funny hearing "Stop humping Daddy..."
I usually hear that for the dogs...

And so much more - thank god I've got it all jotted down on my calendar at home, I've forgotten my name and what month it is...

and I was recently away from my baby, for more than one night, for the first time... *SOB*
While it was great to get away (and lay in bed, doing nothing, until 11am!), it was even better to get home to this dude...
I've decided for Lent to really get to it on the BuggyListItem of LosingWeight+MudRunTraining - instead of giving up something for the 40 days, I'm committing myself to adding a DAILY workout, no excuses.
Even if it's just some sit-ups and pushups in the morning before getting ready for work... Because, let's be honest - it's quite motivating to see the weight down to XX0.5 - just a few (5.5lb to be exact) away from my seriously-ideal goal!!
So with that, a peek at some 1st-birthday-party-planning (brainstorming now = lots of time to gather the "PERFECT" favors, decorations, outfit(s?!) etc) don't judge:

next week on MTV CRIBS:
*mtv cribs..

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  1. He is too much! I love the one where he's standing in his diaper by the crib. He really does look like he's modeling there.