Friday, March 21, 2014

I'll take Acronyms for $100, Alex...

So, like, you know, like - if you're TTC or TTGP (or even TTCAL) you use a BBT and maybe some OPK's, and you check your CM.  Is it EWCM?? 
Then it's time to BD, either ED or EOD, during your FW!
And then it's DPO until you can take a HPT - go POAS! and serious FX that you get your BFP!

ya dig?

Wow.  I didn't realize this was all so mysteriously coded and complicated until I just said /\ THAT /\.

So here we are, on post-partum cycle#3.  And I'm trying to somewhat chart again, because - to be honest, I have no clue what's going on with my body right now.

Am I ovulating? 

I thought, yes - last cycle was WHOA* on the CM around CD17 (my previously "typical" O-time...) (*Whoa = I'd never seen such beautiful EWCM... )

but then AF didn't come until 19 days later, so obviously I didn't O when I thought I did..  (a - HPT a few days before AF arrived helped to confirmed this... although, I have some CP suspicions, what with a week of nausea and a constant slight headache, both symptoms from my previous two BFPs... but I digress.)

Another reason to chart and try to pinpoint O - so I know when to expect AF! I felt like a pre-teen again, running to the bathroom thinking, oh crap - did I just bleed all over my pants? am I even due for AF?? Should I have packed extra tampons besides the one I have in my purse?!

So I got out the trusty BBT (ok confession - I can't find the TTC ones, sooooooo I'm using the digi that came with a bathroom kit for Ben....)
And set my alarm for 6.
And got a temp of 98.6 yesterday (a previously "typical" post-O temp)
and then got a temp of 96 something today....

Obviously this will need some work to get back into the whole doing-it-correctly-thing...

And then there's one more acronym, one that I'm not even really talking about until at least after July when Ben is a year old....

T (trying)
F (for)
S (sibling)


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  1. 1 year is going to happen before you know it! I can't believe how fast the last 8 months have gone. I can't believe that it's even been WELL over a year since that + HPT. Ben will be such a good big brother when the time comes! TFAS for the win :)