Wednesday, March 12, 2014

Accidentally Awesome

So you know that book that I accidentally stole?

Very ironically titled The Book Thief?
yea, that one...

so I devoured it, and it's made it to the list of Top Favorite Books (this list is a revolving length that books may fall off of or get bumped from...)

It is set in WWII Munich, Germany - and is narrated by Death.

Intrigued yet?

It follows a little girl whose sick mother "gives her up" to a set of "foster parents" (note all the quotes because I'm not sure how else to phrase it...)

These foster parents, whose son is off fighting in Russia for the Germans, also foster someone else - a Jew, hidden in their basement...

(ok so I just looked up a book description on Wiki.P - much more succinct (and probably more accurate)):
Liesel Meminger is a girl who lives in Nazi Germany. The Nazis force Liesel's mother to give up her children, and her brother dies on the trip to deliver them to their foster parents. At his funeral, she picks up "The Gravedigger's Handbook". When she arrives at her new foster home, on Himmel (Heaven) Street in Molching, Germany, Liesel forms a fast relationship with her foster father, Hans Hubermann, which helps her adapt.

(The book summary was written very amateur-ly, so I'm taking over here:)
When Liesel begins to wet the bed, her adoptive father discovers her stolen book, her only possession, and begins to teach her to read.  When her adoptive parents offer refuge and a hiding place for a young Jewish man, Liesel begins to steal other books - from a Nazi administrator's home, from a book burning in town - to read to him...

I love love loved this book; the POV from death was so interesting and unique... E's adopted 16-year-old sister requests books to read from time-to-time, and while my library doesn't have much that is age appropriate (50 Shades of Grey - HELLO!) I thought this book would be a great experience for her to read (and I'm anxiously awaiting the verdict once she finishes!)

And I'm always looking for books to steal (download!) - any recommendations??

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  1. I love this book and recommend it to anyone who asks for a recommendation.