Tuesday, June 4, 2013

Tuesday Morning Rantings

I usually let myself cool off before (even thinking) of what I would blog about (were I to have the time that day.)

But today I'm fucking pissed off.

1.  At the stupid idiot receptionist who keeps leaving an hour early here and there - and instead of ASKING her supervisor (me) if that's ok, she just tells me.  And says the nursing clerk is covering, because she "has to go do this thing."  YOU WERE HIRED to be here until 4pm.  BE HERE until 4pm bitch!!

2. At the same nursing clerk, who so generously offered to cover my 4-8pm shift at the front desk today and tomorrow, and JUST NOW tells me she can't tonight.  Why? Because she has to register for her baby shower.  Great, yea - I get that's important.  So important - you scheduled it on the one night you told me you'd cover my department.  And then tell me the day of that OOPS - you're not staying until 8pm, leaving me with NO COVERAGE. 

3. The new assistant keeps asking stupid fucking questions - like the fact that the nurses accidentally (but obviously) misspell a name on their shift report.  And the question is "What do I do?"
LEAVE THE CORRECT SPELLING IN OUR SYSTEM, they made a mistake.  DUH, right??

4.  This is kind of random and doesn't quite piss me off as much as just, annoys me - but hey, it's a nice segue for the post:

E said the other night, "I can't believe how close we are - after two long years..."

... wait - two long years??

So basically, he sees our TTC journey as - I went off BCP in May 2011.  And it took until November 2012 to get pregnant.  (apparently in his eyes, "two long years.")

I'm not making light of the loss we faced, but still - I feel like the reality of (or the more recognized side of) the journey we've taken would be that I went off BCP* and had wonky (most likely majority of them non-ovulatory at 14-18 days long) cycles until Januaryish, and just the second cycle after a SIS (saline-infused sonogram), got pregnant.  (yes, had a mmc at 11.5w - but still got pregnant.  I know most people would "reset the clock...")
*I abhor hormonal BCP. Mostly because it took my body so long to regulate after coming off of them...

And then when we started TTCAL, only two charted cycles gave us this pregnancy.  So to me, while yes - calendar months slipped by, I think we were pretty lucky in our TTC process (in the low number of serious cycles it took us each time. (And what makes a "serious" cycle? I guess actual charting and good timing... but still, I count in only 1-2 more "non-serious cycles" total that we "tried"...))

I've tried to explain it like this to him, but I don't think he understands some things like the "reset" of the TTC clock...

and it's not that I'm afraid of any "label" that he might see fit for us, it's more that I feel that labeling us makes light of the couples that really do suffer in their TTC process... (not sure if any of this makes sense...)

Anyways - and those are my Tuesday Morning Rantings...

(bathroom is painted, half-tiled - they're finishing tonight. The nursery is painted.  And I was EXHAUSTED yesterday, I think I over did it this past weekend - but our part is basically done.  Until its time to start emptying out the nursery and actually getting furniture in there... small, tiny - little itty bitty detail... lol)


  1. Well that's just uncool. It's never good when you start your day off like that. I hope it gets better!

  2. Gah! Work people suck so much sometimes. I hope it gets better!