Friday, June 7, 2013

Friday Chuckles, Chapters and a "Chit"-ton more...

So Chit-ton = Shit-ton, but I just wanted to stay with the nice alliteration of the Ch's...

Get ready for a whirl-wind of a post...

Zoey gets bashful when she sleeps...

Found this book/mini-series for free/$0.99 on Nook store, and surprisingly found it to be really good...
The old radio at the station had poured out haunting images of a dying world from the first day. Through it, the tiny group hunkered down at the Village of Portsmouth, bore witness to the death of millions. Where the sickness left off, storms and brutal emotions took over. Some fought. Some starved. Others simply disappeared.

Storms ravaged the power grids. Relief efforts died before they ever started. Entire countries collapsed.

Like the rest of the world, the people stranded on Portsmouth Island could only wait and hope. When it came, the disease struck hard, killing one and sending another into a violent rage.

Hounded by an evil he didn't understand, William Hill struggled to survive.

The evil had other plans. It wanted his blood.

This time, it had a face. This time, it offered a deal
My take: It is in 5 parts (apparently part 5 was just released according to M.Stark's website) and despite the sci-fi dragon cover, is actually quite good - part apocalyptic, part fantasy, even part religious (for lack of better term... the end-of-the-world/Book-of-Revelations references are pretty cool)... but enough real world to keep it interesting for non-sci-fi fans!

The "Chit-Ton" more:

We had our follow-up* elective ultrasound yesterday... *Follow-up because 3 weeks ago, baby boy had his FEET up in his face (we're thinking he was Frank-Breech:)
But we basically were unable to get ANY facial shots, so we got a free follow-up, where he eventually (after much cajoling from Daddy) graced us with his beautiful, YAWNING face =)
(He had one arm up alongside his face, and another hand in his mouth...) and damn, but that machine at the elective 3D office is nowhere NEAR as clear as the machine at the MFM where they gave us a 3D peak at the A/S...
Oh and baby boy is STILL breech (head still squarely up) but at least his feet are now curled down, hopefully phase I of getting his little tush turned around!
When I mentioned to my mom he was breech, she was all "CALM DOWN, it'll be ok!"
I thought, did I seem freaked out?
Because you know what? Que Sera, Sera.
I will be fine with whatever is required to get him delivered safely (vaginal birth, c-section, whatever is needed.)

I also got notice from the E.tsy vendor that the onesie being made from DH's fire department Tshirt is done and on its way via mail! I can't wait to see it, and I can't wait to give it to him next week on Father's Day!

And now, more for Future Me to be able to read some day than for your entertainment (but enjoy all the same, lol):

(BTW - anyone know what the HELL is a "Dorian Fruit?!" TheBump should find more known fruits... I kind of like the guide on this website, where it's more dad-friendly - "The next time you look into your 17-inch computer screen, know that your baby is now that long.")

How far along? 33 weeks!! with, OMG - less than 50 days left...
Total weight gain: I'm still just under the 20lb mark... I'm slightly surprised at that because I feel like I am eating mySELF out of house and home, and haven't really gotten ANY exercise for WEEKS... maybe all the physical activity while working on the nursery is enough?
Maternity clothes? Have been in them for months! (And am just barely starting to feel like I'm recycling the same old clothes - good thing the weather is bouncing from HOT to cold and rainy - I can wear all my tank tops AND thermals still!
Stretch marks? None - YET.  (besides a few really low on my hips that I've had since highschool, which is random because I never had a rapid weight gain or loss...) *Shrugs*
Sleep? Been sleeping pretty good - starting to notice I'm slowly revolving back to early bedtimes (like, passing out on the couch before 10pm...)
Best moment this week: Seeing baby all "YAWN - you're interrupting my nap, mom and dad!" on the 3D ultrasound yesterday...
Miss Anything? honestly, not really.  Although I won't turn down a nice cold beer when I get home from the hospital in July!
Movement: He pops, thumps, bumps and rolls - I could sit and stare down at his movements for hours...

And DH gets a kick out of the fact that Baby Boy gets hiccups - ALOT.  like, 2-3 times a day... that hasn't grown old for me yet either...
Food cravings: No real cravings...
Anything making you queasy or sick: Nope, never had it happen at all this pregnancy... (with the low weight gain, no stretch marks and no m/s - do you hate me yet? PLEASE DON'T! lol)
Labor Signs: None, YET - trying to keep an eye out for any BH...

Symptoms: RLP has been causing me to waddle something fierce today, which is slightly strange to me - it usually only has gotten this bad after alot of physical activity, and I've basically sat on my ass this week..
Belly Button in or out? BAARELY in - when I'm trying to sit up,  it's definitely approaching Outie!
Wedding rings on or off? On
Happy or Moody most of the time: Happy
Looking forward to: Meeting Baby Boy!! (and my baby shower on Sunday!)

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  1. Yeah, I don't trust the bump's fruit ticker... it's a good guideline but I'm pretty darn sure I haven't heard of a dorian fruit. But it looks freaking scary to have inside you!!!