Wednesday, June 19, 2013

My Porcelain Throne...

.... taDA!
Just installed last night!
(and our lovely shower behind it)
(waiting for frameless glass walls/door)
(and obviously we need to still mount a TP holder... lol)

This morning I woke up and was all, "I'm so gonna pee on the new toilet!"

And E was like, "IN - PLEASE GO IN the toilet, not on!"


And because Jenn over at The Canadian Housewife makes me so jealous *winkwink* with her kick-ass garden, here's what WE'VE been growing:
And if I'm being completely honest, we only have these by pure luck - the previous owners did most of the work of the planting and caring for... the vines take over most of our side boxes now!

But dang, do these berries go good over some angel food cake...



  1. Wow! That bathroom looks AMAZEBALLS!

  2. Your bathroom looks great!! And so do those berries! Yum!

  3. Yeah for christening the new toilet... and in it not on it like E says! Hehehe. It looks fabulous! Super fancy. I can't wait til you get your shower ready and you're all done. Tick tock baby - you better hold out until bathroom is done (kidding!)

  4. Love the new bathroom! I can't wait to see when it's all finished.:)

    And thanks for mentioning me. It made me feel all warm and fuzzy inside. Although I am slightly jealous of your berries, mine are miniature compared to those! Enjoy your angel food cake.