Thursday, June 20, 2013

Spoiled Doggies and Crafting...

How's some craft rambling for this Thursday?

1 - A little sneak peak at something for the nursery (and as of now, I have no idea WHAT/WHERE it will be, but it's painted... lol)

2 - A "pre" and "post" shot of twine-wrapped letters (and let me just say - I rethought a few times about the length of baby boy's name while hand-wrapping all those letters!)

3 - This stool was E's when he was little, and he thankfully let me paint it (it took 2-3 coats of primer, and a good coat of semi-gloss white to cover...)

4 - (the stool part-way through the multiple coats of primer/paint) and a shelf I got from Michaels for $0.99 woot woot! (Of course, I bought two - this one has the two hanging pegs, and the other has a hanging rod - kind of like a towel bar)
*Again, not quite sure what will hang from it, but it'll look cute! lol

Aaaaaaand this is what I wake up to every morning - spoiled much?!
(Yes, his butt is on E's pillow... sssshhhh)

and can-you-freaking-believe... today is 35/35.

THIRTY FIVE weeks down, and only thirty-five days to go... All I can say is good thing we finally ordered the crib (just ordered this morning... it takes two weeks to come in... yes, I enjoy cutting things close. lol) and good thing we're getting car-seat bases installed tonight by the local PD (they double/triple check that it is done correctly I guess...)

Call me Close-Cuttin' Mama...


  1. You look fantastic! Congrats on 35/35.

  2. Wahoo for 35/35 and getting artistic projects done for the nursery! Those twine wrapped letters look so cute, I can't wait to see what they look like hung up.

    You look fab!! Only a few weeks to go!