Thursday, June 13, 2013

Procrastinating at Procrastinating...

I had an epic weekend (I know - it's already Thursday and I'm just now posting about it... BAD Blogger!)

The story, from Friday night all the way through my shower on Sunday, needs its own post - I promise it's coming!

Also needing its own post - the BATHROOM! OMFG the tiling is all done, and this bitch looks AWESOME.  Like we're rich or something. =P

The guy is coming tonight for the glass shower doors (measuring and taking plans).  And the vanity cabinet will be installed soon.

And it's damn time for a toilet to be back on the second floor (where we sleep) - I had to get up last night to pee (for the first time since 1st tri, holy shit I know!) and I'm hoping it's because baby boy's head is migrating down and pushing on my bladder... BUT - it is not fun stumbling down a flight of stairs in the middle of the night to hit the head...

SO - pictures coming of bathroom, The Long AwesomeWeekend Story coming, and more...

For now,
A sneak preview of The Long Awesome Weekend (candybag from baby shower):

and Baby Boy at 33w5d:
The gratuitous work-bathroom-shot... =)

After buying the right laundry detergent, this weekend I'll be *gulp* washing baby clothes, and filling dresser drawers in the nursery...

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  1. Yeah for washing clothes!!!! It's finally starting to become REAL!

    BTW, your bump is so adorable!!!