Monday, June 24, 2013

Hormonal equals annoyed at much

So last pregnancy (the ill-fated pregnancy of Spring 2012) my MIL was all excited and said she was looking to drop another day a week of work, and to ease into part-time "very soon," and she would be thrilled to help us with child-care whenever we needed to work (I had already planned on working from home 4ish days a week upon the end of maternity leave.)

So naturally, this pregnancy arrives and the intention to work from home stays the same because E and I assumed that the offer from his MIL still stood.
E brought this up to his mom as we were all relaxing at their house the night after the baby shower, and all of a sudden his dad says - no.  Because, they can't afford to decrease her hours right now, mostly because they'll lose her retirement benefits if she goes below 32 hours a week.  (Of course, I wouldn't want to do anything to jeopardize that for them.)

But I'm not an idiot either - she currently works 40 hours for 3 out of 4 weeks a month... How would working 4 days a week (ahem, THIRTY TWO HOURS) jeopardize her retirement package?

And then they do the whole, "Well when we had you and your sister, we made it work by ourselves -  (FIL) worked day time, and I (MIL) worked night time, and that was that."

I was annoyed by the implication, "we did it by ourselves, you should have to."

It's not that we can't afford daycare or anything - without number dropping, we could EASILY afford it.  I am choosing not to place Baby Boy in day care during, especially, the first 6 months.  And the only reason we asked them, was because of the offer from the last time I was pregnant!
So now, stubborn German Leo that I am, I say "Screw you IL's - fine, we don't need you to help out at all, we've got it. AND I don't have to work hours where I'll never see my DH."

in good news - we saved alot of money on our car insurance! wait - wrong jingle...

we DID save a sh*t ton of money on the rest of the big items (and small items) we needed from our registry!
I received an email from BRU for a one-day coupon for 20% off your entire order, with basically no restrictions.  Our registry completion was only a 15% off coupon, so I strategized for what to get with what coupon, and what we were ready to buy during the one-day sale.

So we head to BRU late one Saturday night (E had spent the morning at a mud-run and I cracked the whip after his 20 minute nap - I was NOT missing this one-day coupon!) and we loaded up our cart with:

high chair
baby gates (extra tall and extra wide for certain door ways)
cradle mattress (and sheets)
ErgoBaby carrier
Moby Wrap
Boppy Covers
Nursing Cover
Extra crib sheets
Our second car-seat base
some breast-milk storage sets
a Mobile
(other miscellaneous stuff we saw)

We were placing our bets on our pre-coupon total in line, when we arrived at the checkout (Customer Service desk - which may have been our stroke of good luck that day...) because she asked if we were "completing our registry" and I said no - because I'd rather get the 20% off than the 15% off.  And then, it was like a choir of angels:

"You know you can use the 15% completion coupon with this 20% off one...."

I said, YES YES - we ARE finishing our registry!


We decided to do what we never do - we applied for the BRU credit card for ANOTEHR 15% off (because the girl said we could charge just a $1 balance to it, and pay the rest in cash).

So without further ado, for my coupon-lovin' thrifty-shopping readers out there, our pre-coupon total of
$1130+ went all the way down to .....

$530 (and change)

We felt like robbers, and we booked it out of there before they changed their mind on the amount of couponage they let us use!


  1. I'm sorry your IL's aren't being cooperative anymore with their original offer. That doesn't quite make sense... I don't blame you a teeny bit for not wanting to put your LO in daycare and now you're kind of at that point where you would have already had daycare decided had you not banked on their support! Any prospects for daycare? I hope you're not completely up a creek here...

    But *HIGH FIVE* to your awesome BRU trip! That is SO cool that they'll stack the coupons like that for you! And soooo cool that the cashier knew what she was talking about when it came to completing your registry AND using that coupon. I feel like most of the time you go to those places and you get some 13 year old who doesn't give a $#!+ about you and your coupons. ROCK ON!

  2. Now that is some impressive shopping!

    I'm sorry your in-laws aren't cooperating and it doesn't really make a lot of sense. I hope you're able to work it out without having to lose too much time with either Baby Boy or your husband.