Wednesday, January 18, 2017

a whole lotta nuthin'... and AF..

So... I've been a bit spotty in blogging lately, and can't even quite blame busy life when I sit at a desk all day and still have the same available time to blog (time when I should be working, but need a break from the mind-numbing spreadsheets/numbers/census data I've been working on...)

I think it's just because - well - I feel like I don't have much to say lately... this was such a great outlet after we lost our first pregnancy at 11.5 weeks (omg almost FIVE YEARS AGO) and tried to keep busy while TTA...

And then it was the perfect place to come and bitch on CD1, and analyze/agonize over the TWW and crazy/imagined symptoms while TTC our Button...

And then it was somewhat lifestyle - Making Things Monday, Wardrobe-Wednesdays, Carride Chronicles... a Reading Challenge... having fun with a growing little boy...

And I quickly fell back into the swing of things as we began TFAS to bring us Ms. Mack...

But now, here we are.  A family of four that may or may not* be done with kids...
*(if you ask E, he's done - thanks his lucky stars that we were blessed with two healthy children - and wants to quit while we're ahead...... ***even though, you know - we're 2 for 3...)

but if you ask me? (which people frequently do... and what business is it of theirs?!?!)

If you ask me, I don't feel done... in the sense that I look back at pictures of Ms. Mack as a pink, twitchy mewling newborn and think, I want that again!!!
I remember what-felt-like-constant nursing (which of course, at the time could be inconvenient - OMG I just want to get through this store and get home before she needs to nurse... but now I'm like, WHIP IT OUT ANYWHERE! Girl's gotta eat!) I remember that and think, I miss that!!! ((I also miss the being off of work and being able to nurse 'round the clock... but the pumping at work? NO THANK YOU))

Anyways - I'm not convinced we're done.

So, here we are, a family of four FOR NOW... And what do I blog about?

I feel like I've just now begun to master the juggling of work, laundry, dishes, play time, personal time (what is that?!) and time with my husband - there's no time for anymore Lifestyle...
(well, yes - I'm still wearing clothes on Wednesdays... but by the time I think to take a picture, I've been in PJs for over an hour already... and the closest I get to MakingThings now is when I make dinner - and half the time it's pre-seasoned meats from the butcher that I just chuck in the oven and serve with frozen vegetables (defrosted and cooked, of course))

Anyway - I thought I'd have this neatly segued into getting my first AF and setting up an appointment for an IUD, but - I have no clue how that went originally in my head...

I got AF for the first time last Thursday (since MARCH 2015!!! (excluding the postpartum bleeding a year ago)) and realized I wasn't making birth control a high-priority to-do because I was pretty sure I wasn't ovulating (while nursing).

But over the last month, we've dropped to nursing twice a day (upon waking in the morning and before bed at night).  I kept that up through our trip to Texas at Christmastime (mostly to make sure the flights went smooth (and they did - just kept sticking a boob in her mouth! lmao) and to keep a semblance of routine while traveling...)
The first full week back to work after the holidays, we dropped our morning session (omg totally left us with a precious extra 10-15 minutes each morning!)
Somewhere along there, my hormones triggered and I must have ovulated (thank goodness we played it safe and E pulled out during NYE sex!!!!!) because last Thursday morning, as we were getting ready, I wiped after peeing and was like,  wait - wha....... is tha- HOLY SHIT!

So - now that I AM ovulating, it is high time to see about birth control - also because, for possibly the first time since getting pregnant with BUTTON, I feel like I have my "normal" sex drive back! OMG PRAISE JEEBUS FINALLY!!!

IUD consult appointment is made for next Thursday! (even though I've done a decent amount of research, and polled and read through opinions on facebook (ha!) and have pretty much settled on the Mirena...)
And the nurse said they wait until during AF to insert (yeck really?) so hopefully timing will work out perfectly, and I'll be ready to get it come next AF!

(I also dusted off old Fertility Friend to at least just chart right now for the sole purpose of knowing when to wear black pants and underwear in expectation of AF each month... lol)

Here's to worrying about period underwear again!

(have to admit - it's kind of weird/NICE to have AF back again and it just be "another thing" versus RUNNING MY LIFE for years of TTC and TTA and TTC-AL...)

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  1. I'm so jealous that it took so long for AF to come back. With both of my kids it only took 4 months after birth for AF to rear her ugly head (despite EBF). Lucky!