Thursday, January 12, 2017

I Married My father...

We had our annual hibachi Friends Holiday dinner last weekend (after a few minor changes - like the bad weather (snow & ice) that built up through the day, generating a change in venue (to something closer and not up on a mountain) and giving us a few less friends around the table (Dee was coming solo - no babysitter - and got nervous slipping and sliding in her car, so she turned around and headed back home..))

I got drunk (but not so bad that I was severely hungover Sunday morning... just slightly, that when I put down Ms. Mack for a nap at 11:30 I joined her... lol) and fell over in my chair at dinner - it was that kind of night...

but - I made a random epiphanic observation as I watched E goof off with his friends, cracking jokes and being the one to make everyone laugh:

I married my father!

And I totally say that in a good way...

I started to notice as I got into teen years and a bit older, that my dad loves social gatherings - and loves to perform and be the jester - loves to make people laugh and smile (or shake their heads and chuckle at his lewd jokes. yup. lol)

No wallflower for sure...

So as we were all hanging out / pre-gaming (zomg I used to do that at 10pm before heading to Hoboken for hours... now our pre-game is done at 5pm. HAHA) in our kitchen with friends before our annual dinner (babysitter had the kids in their playroom, so we let loose a bit...) I watched him do the same thing I've seen my dad to at numerous social gatherings - entertain.

I had always heard, "A girl marries someone just like her daddy!"

And I never realized, it's true! (More and more, I realize - as my mom treats me more and more like a peer, and complains about him not listening (yup, I married my father!) or insisting he remembered correctly when they disagree on who messed up the shopping list... (YUP I married my father!!)

But. I like that. 

A girl's first man is her daddy - and apparently, so is her last man!

 Also - the other day as I was picking him up, Button drank from a Danimals smoothie he found in the garbage at daycare...

forget marrying daddy - like father, like son?!

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