Friday, April 22, 2016

sleep training... (and 4 MONTHS?!)

yea no, I'm not talking about sleep training my 4 month old (who slept from 11pm to 6am last night!!)

No, I am in need of sleep training!! Because even when SHE was sleeping, I couldn't sleep through the night and was up at 3am! (Wonder why - 4 straight months of waking... lol)

I'm hoping last night's great stretch wasn't just a fluke/reaction to her shots that she got yesterday morning... She definitely fussed at daycare afterwards - 2 hour nap and some tylenol, she was feeling better and up to eating...

And speaking of - yup, we had her FOUR MONTH CHECK UP yesterday...
I'm almost sitting, Mom!

Ms. Madeline Mack:

Eating: 100% boob juice!  She gets 3.5oz bottles (three each day) sent to daycare - sometimes she will eat 1.5 bottles, sometimes she'll suck down all three by 2pm... (that's more a rarity)
otherwise (Wednesdays and weekends) she nurses on demand! (averages every 3 hours during the day...)

 we like to take morning selfies... lol
(and yes, after her 5/6am nursing session, she still comes into bed with me -
I need that last hr of sleep too bad to risk her fussing and being awake in her cradle...)

Sleep: her morning nap is still decent (yesterday after getting to daycare, she slept 2 solid hours post-shots!) afternoon ones, she likes to catnap about 30-45 minutes... nighttime sleeping is - eh... she most regularly averages a first stretch of 3-4 hours, and then is up about every 2, maybe 3 hours... oiy vey... (last night she fell asleep on daddy around 8:15, woke at 10:30 to eat, and then slept til 6!!!)

Weight: officially - 12lb6oz (butt naked! lol) and at first, that number disconcerted me, but then - she jumped up to the 25th-ish percentile! from the 10th! GO BABY GIRL! (I got a "good job" from the doctors! wooooot!)

Length: 24.5" - 50th percentile

Wearing: she can maybe fit in her 3M onesies if we stretch the snaps... otherwise, this long girl is in 6M (especially feetie-sleepers!) and size 1-2 diapers (just using up the last of size 1 huggies in the house, alternating with a pack of 2's that we have - both fit/hold it all in...)

Hates: waking up. lol first thing in the morning (her 8am ish wakeup) she fusses and cranks for about 5 minutes, and then is as happy as a clam...

Loves: when you shake your head side-to-side and make CRAZY noises. (lol)

Milestones:More laughs (best sound EVAR) and rolled over (from tummy to back) in her crib Thursday morning! (we need to do more tummy time, I know, so hopefully we can get some more of that rolling soon!)  Also got cereal (Oatmeal+Banana) last night for the first time!!! While the concept of eating off the spoon is (obviously) very new and foreign, she liked the taste and by the end was opening her mouth wide!

Hanging at the park on Wednesday in the beautiful weather...

and thank goodness it was nice, cuz Little Miss Mack decided to blow out her diaper (which was impressive - I got her out to change her mere SECONDS after I heard it...)

Since we were on a walking path, I'd only carried some wipes and diapers and left the spare clothes in the car

And so, we rode toga-style the rest of the walk!

1. It might take me longer in the morning to decide what YOU'RE going to wear, than to pick out my clothes for work... "what color bow with this?" or "are there matching leg warmers clean?!".

2. You wore a romper for the first time last weekend, and it was the cutest thing ever - I cannot wait for really warm weather to come and stay, so much fashion!

3. I said I would NEVER co-sleep (how dangerous! You'll never get them in their own bed/room!) And now, I have a hard time imaging you sleeping on your own in the crib in the nursery! (Of course, not until you sleep through the night more consistently either!)

4. You are the happiest baby - we stopped by the lactation consultant's office to return the Medela Symphony pump (PISA now at work!) and to weigh you, and you just held her finger, and watched her as she and your momma chatted... she even asked, "Is she always this good?"

Big Brother!
We took a walk earlier this week in the gorgeous weather (as Daddy had a dentist appt after work)
Button loved it, as did Ms. Mack!

We also went and visited E's old fire house! (Last time Button was there was... well, take a look!)

we've got a busy weekend coming up (tomorrow I have a dentist appt at 10am, we have a kid's birthday party at 11:15, and then I have a long-awaited-for massage at 2pm... AND THEN - we head into NYC to meet up with my brother-in-law who is out from SoCal for a Navy class this weekend - we'll be bringing the kids, so we're going to have a LOOOONG day... (I think the kids will be fine, it'll be Mom and Dad that'll be worn down! We can hopefully spent Sunday recuperating!))

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