Wednesday, April 20, 2016

One time...

(Spring Cleaning Post)

... I spent two hours at Walmart.  I was only returning two pairs of shoes for Button (we needed a bigger size!!) but I was blissfully ALONE in the store... (ha - this mental note was made BEFORE having two kids, when Button was just a year old! LOL)

I spent those two hours just wandering the aisle, appreciating the quiet and empty cart, not worrying about what little hands can reach and pull off the shelves...
(I might as well have been frolicking through this field...)

~ * ~ * ~ * ~      ~ * ~ * ~ * ~
With each holiday that passes, and with it cute little glitter clothes pins and colored paper straws and personalized metal buckets/cups/bags, I am more and more afraid I'm becoming That Mom...

The mom that other moms roll their eyes at, when she arrives the day of the Valentine's Party with homemade heart-shaped personalized cookies for all the kids (and teachers!) or rolls up the day before Christmas break with  handmade mini-thumbprint ornaments for all the teachers... 

But I love to make!

 I love to craft! 
 (do we all remember how crazy I went for Button's first birthday party?!)
also - HELLOOOO Making Things Monday (aka series that I totally dropped the ball on...)

While I might have totally lost the free-time to shower now with two kids, I hope to always be That Mom that comes up with cute things like pink Rice Krispie treats (made with pink marshmallows! Also - that was my lazy holiday... with a newborn at home, it was thrown together last minute!) and personalized Christmas gifts that show the teachers/directors how much they mean to us!
Because I love to be throwing this shit together at 11pm the night before, and then watch the teachers squeal with delight over their salt-dough thumb-print ornaments... 

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